November 26, 2008

Go Mobile the mobile way

If you live in Hyderabad and own a java enabled multimedia phone,
head to
and download the application.
It gives the bus routes for the given source and destination.
It's quite easy to use and only 200kb in size.
check it out

Why JNTU sucks

We jntu students are not scared of exams. We all know how crappy the Exam
pattern is. Just scan the last year question paper once and you are done. the
questions are all repeated save for a select two. Being the lazy a^&&e that i
am, i struggled through the previous year questions just one day before each
exam. Now this may seem a very easy way of scoring marks but a think a little deeper
and you get the big picture.There are over 450 JNTU colleges in Andhra Pradesh. wtf? i mean engg colleges
are popping up in every freakin town and village. This may be good(i donno
how) but the quality of education has taken a real bad dive. i doubt if even
half the colleges have enough infrastructure to even qualify for an
engineering college.Then comes the faculty. Now imagine an english lecturer writing "A bird flys"on the board. i tell you, i felt like blowing his head off.Donno hw colleges get hold of the most pea-brained faculty, even a decent
public school wudnt hire.
If u r reading this and are still in Inter, remember, if you plan on doing
engineering u better opt for a O.U college or any other university.