February 28, 2009

Aaj ke samachar

Slumdog's won 8 oscars,including two by our own music maestro A.R.Rahman.

Before the oscars the public was enraged for its portrayal of india.

Now everyone's riding on it's success.

In other(now boring) news,Pakistan has done it again. Their contention now is that the 26/11 terrorists did not use the sea route.Now come on,stop fooling around will ya?

Some good news in these trying times, from TATA. Nano's set to launch in April.

nuff. aaj ke samachar samaapt

February 27, 2009

Saba is back from Singapore

My sister is back from her Singapore trip.She went alongwith some 24 other AECS students from all over India. Truly a memorable experience for her.Would have been great if she had pictures of all the places she went to. She was the only one on the trip with no (good)camera. A primitive 2mp benq shooter IS NOT a camera(mobile phones've got better cams). she shot half the pics with the macro mode on. wow.

My sony ericsson K770i saved the day though.
She brought some real cool things wid watever she had($100). A merlion thermometer for my granpa, some keychains, and
a hell lot of chocolates.

all in all, a very good trip.