March 31, 2010

Now dats manuguru

Real heavy rain, some hail. Feels good though, far cry frm the fryin pan heat.

From my k770i

March 29, 2010


This table is wer im spendng al my time. Music n movies.

From my k770i

March 24, 2010

Crayons and color

Crayons are a great subject for macro photography. The sharp colors are really fun and bring out the best of the camera's capabilities

Below are a few I shot using a rectangular "white box". The first two are HDR images generated using a free software. The exposure stops were too close(mine being a compact) so there isn't much detail in them.

March 22, 2010


Load shedding season is here again as the State has warned of outages of as long as 4 hours. Power outage during day can be pretty bland. I love night powercuts because for one they give us an oppurtunity to star gaze by putting out the harsh glares of city lights. Next they're the best time to experiment with slow shutterspeed photography. I grabbed an empty tic tac box, my trusty sony camera for the flashight and a bottle of Attar.

March 21, 2010

Water games

Photography with fast shutterspeeds requires an elaborate arrangement of tripods, remotely triggered flashes and most importantly, a capable camera. I have none :-(

I used the manual mode of my Lumix to set the shutterspeed at 1/800 and activated the camera's timer mode, having no one to assist me with the ball. I waited for the red focus light to blink twice before dropping the ball into the glass. It was very frustrating as manually synchronising a shot is not easy at all. It took over half a dozen shots before I got one right.

I need a DSLR....

March 19, 2010

after 6 long years...

Feels great meeting old friends, innit? After over 6 years with no contact, I first met japheth, my school mate in 7th and 8th on facebook. He's doin his bachelors in Art from JNTU masab tank(I envy him...). He'd invited me over to his rock gig at Cafe Latte but I sadly missed it. We then decided to meet today at his college at 3 pm after classes. I was there on time and was pleasantly surprised to see no change in my old buddy. The same smile, same attitude but he's gotten little taller now.

He showed me around the campus which is basically a two sections comprising the Arts block and the Architecture block. It was cool.... murals, graffiti, photofgraphy sections, presses... these guys were living it. The building was in shambles, expected considering it is a government college but the ambience was spot on. The library itself had all kinds of books on photography.... but I was preoccupied with fear. I wasnt a Student and the librarian was already giving me that puzzled stare. I got the hell out of there.

We then had some chilled papaya juice at a stall nearby and talked while we absentmindedly walked through the lanes of masab tank. Japheth can now come to Manuguru as Elizabeth maam got transferred there again, although he does admit he does not remember anyone from school now!

I had some xerox copies to collect from mehdipatnam so I started back at around 5:30. I had a masala dosa at Swathi and headed to the "share auto" bay to catch my ride home. The realised I could do some walking for a change and get some slow shutter shots of the passing traffic as well. With a lot of girls' colleges along the way I had to make sure there was no girl in the frame unless I wanted to wind up broken in some dark alley :-)

some pics

PVNR Expressway(near Rethibowli)

March 15, 2010


"oh my god i say, this track is dope i say, the lyrics rock and im so glad i found it now i say"

is a comment on youtube that best describes Unprepared by Marco V, from Trance Nation 2009

I'm swooning to it as I blog...

March 13, 2010


I always end up finding awesome tracks only after a second thorough going over of old albums.
Belina by beltek is one such track I found on the Extended Armada collections 2009

Superb bassline

March 8, 2010


I already blogged(with inverted pictures) about my recent trip to Warangal to attend a fest at NIT. My internet enabled SE phone was with me throughout the trip but I posted only three entries. Probably because I was too tired to blog....or because I was too busy drooling over the awesomeness of the whole thing. There was so much to gawk at.... and no, don't get me wrong here.

Now the story:

I reached secbad station just in time to catch a CC seat in an intercity train. I was at warangal at 10:15, and as I alighted from the AC compartment, was greeted with a sudden gush of heat.Summer's here I thought, wonder why the fest's still in spring mode. I caught a share auto and was at the campus in 10 minutes.

At the entrance was a giant spider web sortof thing with the words SpringSpree 2010 in multicolor. It was not very appealing. Clueless where I was going, I ended up at the photography desk near the auditorium where I was immediately forwarded to the Student activity center(lovingly called SAC, lol) where I registered. I was back at the photogaphy booth where I got my first theme for the Hexathlon event: flora and fauna.

Some pics I shot

I immediately set off looking for any out of the ordinary plants and trees. Finding very little, I moved out of campus and clicked while trying to avoid curious onlookers as much as possible. One came up to check on me and surpsrisingly offered to help when I told him about the event. I moved off. The time limit was 12 PM and I was in by 11:30; submitted my entries and got a shocker: there were 5 more categories and each took 3 hours. Now sweating it out in the searing sun wasnt going to be easy, add to that I had workshop classes the next day. Add to the fact there were a couple of NIT students with pro-DSLRs I was competing with.
I didn't stand a chance.

I was provided accommodation at what is called 1k hall, a six story giant of a building. the room had some 30 mattresses strewn around. All but two were occupied by guys; they were listening to loud music- in telugu. oh crap...

I packed my bag and was off in three hours. Then attended some odd events here and there before moving out of campus in search of a lodge. Luckily I got a decent room at a nearby lodge and fell asleep with my shoes still on.

The next day was a lot better. Attended two sessions on Automotive Design by Niresh Pal, a designer. I was contemplating returning to my room when bro told me there was a dance event coming up. The show started very late but was well worth it.
The sound was so good,a few trance tracks thrown in woulda made my day...

Then I decided it was enough, I boarded a bus back to Hyderabad. I was done.