March 26, 2012

My photographs on Newspaper

Some of my photographs were published in a local newspaper Eenadu in Khammam yesterday. Although (I'm told) the text focuses more on Manuguru as a scenic locale, three out of four images used are from our awesome HWP(M) Colony! The images were used without prior consent or intimation but since there's no commercial angle to it, I didn't see a need to do anything. Moreover, the Journalist seems to know Dad and has requested he be informed beforehand about Dad's future visit to the villages for charity work, so he can cover it.

Article snapshot from Eenadu e-paper version from yesterday(open to read):

March 21, 2012

Cosmotherapy : Dreamy bliss

Long, dark road. Full moon. Cruising in a car alone and playing this awesome chillout tune....

Cosmotherapy by DreamLab

March 14, 2012

Gold! Yashica Electro 35 GSN

I just added a new camera to my collection: the Yashica Electro GSN 35! The G stands for gold... gold plated interior parts. No more text. Images below :-)
Classic rangefinder looks with comfortable rubber grip

45mm 1.7 of the fastest for 1973...and even now

Lens has lots of dust and specks... can't complain for such an old phone

Aperture and focus ring are smooth

runs on a cell that is no longer available. A hack is possible though

Exposure correction lights on the top. classic!

Clear viewfinder with Parallax correction

ASA Dial on top. Last time I saw one was on Dad's camera

Color coded lens is beautiful to look at. High end paint job!

Looking drop dead gorgeous mounted on my tripod!

March 7, 2012

Tank of a camera: Zenit EM

I found a gem where I least expected it. At Charminar wuth Juber to buy some household stuff, I was introduced to the sunday flea market, my first ever visit(and I call myself a hyderababi!)

There were all kinds of treasures for the taking, from old coins to some really good paintings...I even found a bronze replica of the veiled Rebecca statue from Salarjung museum.

My eyes stopped dead at a relatively small shop in a discreet corner. Among the various uninteresting stuff as cassettes and old wires were these two cameras: one a Vivitar with a decent 28-100mm manual lens and... wait for it- Zenit!

The moment I held the camera I knew I had to buy it. It was in a bad state of disrepair but one look at the detached Zenitar 44m lens assured me it was in great condition and an adaptor away from complementing my strong lens collection.

Which reminds me, one of my favorites the 35-70 is gone now. After my previous rant on saving, I managed to post two lenses online of which this one sold immediately. Bad call? Don't know.

Back to the Zenit, enough has been written about the camera so I'll suffice with some images:

More pictures to follow once I get my hands on a Sony adaptor.

March 3, 2012

Refresh! Windows 8 Consumer Preview on HP 2133

My trusty old HP 2133 netbook is the defacto test bed for all new OSes...

The new OS is making waves and I had to find out why! 

It's already running a copy of the developer preview which is very limited in functionality 

The usual EULA

Tada! Welcome screen

Task switching. The 1.2 ghz VIA processor is having a hard time. You can fry an omelette on the underside of this netbook!

The awesome METRO UI. It's very laggy thanks to the aforementioned slow horse on the computer

The familiar desktop

HP's pixelated 640*480 camera. The app works fine though.

Music app