March 14, 2012

Gold! Yashica Electro 35 GSN

I just added a new camera to my collection: the Yashica Electro GSN 35! The G stands for gold... gold plated interior parts. No more text. Images below :-)
Classic rangefinder looks with comfortable rubber grip

45mm 1.7 of the fastest for 1973...and even now

Lens has lots of dust and specks... can't complain for such an old phone

Aperture and focus ring are smooth

runs on a cell that is no longer available. A hack is possible though

Exposure correction lights on the top. classic!

Clear viewfinder with Parallax correction

ASA Dial on top. Last time I saw one was on Dad's camera

Color coded lens is beautiful to look at. High end paint job!

Looking drop dead gorgeous mounted on my tripod!

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