June 29, 2009

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the age of sega

I was 12 when I got my Sega Mega drive console.The year was 2000. Yes it took a while for india to catch on. The Mega drive was a popular console in the early 1990s in countries like US and Japan.

Mega drive or Genesis was a 16 bit gaming console by Sega. It had significantly better graphics than the older 8 bit consoles and better sound too.

I got an 8-game cartridge included in the package,I never bought another one. The games were:

1- Bare Knuckle(Streets of rage)

2- Sunset riders

3- Super hang on

4- Super monaco GP

5- Tiny toon

6- Fire Shark

7- Quackshot

the last one I don't remember.

My favorite was Bare Knuckle which I'd play with my Bro for hours at a time. Monaco GP was the first game that introduced me to the racing genre. My friends who owned 8-bit consoles were awestruck and loved to play on it.
My console was in all probability a chinese copy and malfunctioned after roughly one year of use.

Yesterday while pondering over best in-game music scores, I remembered Bare knuckle which had struck me as fascinating even as a kid. I did some googling and turns out Bare Knuckle is fairly famous for it's music,composed by noted musician Yuzo koshiro. The intro music is still fresh in my mind.According to wikipedia the original soundtrack was sold through auction!

If you are a fan of the 90s console games genre and would like to relive those days, find an emulator and download the game ROM and fire away!

June 28, 2009

Shrinking proportions

Storage technology has come a long way

From this:

1956: IBM's Random Access Memory Accounting(RAMAC) used magnetic disks to store a maximum of 5MB

To this:

2009: Kingmax flash storage stores 4GB of memory.

what to expect in future: Memory based on micro organisms.

Live this moment

I was listening to Armin's ASOT 406 and the first couple of tracks are awesome.

This moment by Nic Chagall

Deep down by Josh Gabriel

June 26, 2009

My Bday

Important Events on my birthday:

-Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest. I was a fan. I'll miss him

-My friends were so busy they didn't turn up to celebrate. I didn't miss them.Some online friends made my day.

June 24, 2009

Love Actually

img source:www.bayimg.com

Film:Love Actually

I'm into romance movies now and got hold of a few good ones recently. Love Actually is a 2003 romance/comedy about the lives of a wide variety of individuals at christmas time.

The movie starts with a Hugh Grant voiceover about how love is everywhere(I don't agree with him).

In all their are 9 stories in the movie which I've categoried under good and bad.


Billy Mack and zoe -- This story about an aging rocknroll legend Billy Mack and his 'stout' manager Zoe is very likeable

Juliet,Peter and Mark -- Juliet and Peter are married. Peter's best friend Mark is a silent guy who secretly loves Juliet.

Harry,Karen and Mia -- Wait I've seen this before. Salaam-E-ishq I think.Bollywood will never learn.Strictly ok.

Sarah and Carl -- Sarah loves karl. Karl loves Sarah. Sarah's got an ill brother so they can't ...u knw


Jamie and Aurelia -- oh,cmon in India we have a different Genre altogether for this kinda crap.

David and Natalie -- Hugh Grant looks great as the prime minister but his story does not.

Daniel and Sam -- Liam Neeson longs for Claudia Schiffer while his 12 year old son is in 'love' with his american classmate.gimme a break.

Colin and the girls -- Colin(god of $%#) goes to the US in search of a girlfriend and gets four! Elisha cuthbert included! Yes of course it's America,but four?

John and judey -- Better not talk about it. Sad I saw the uncut version.

To sum up,the movie is actually watchable.

June 22, 2009

Dash Berlinia

I was checking out Dash Berlin's(music DJ) myspace page and found this!

June 21, 2009

A pair of 7000 horsepower Electric Engines at Hafeezpet station Machilipatnam Express at dornakal


I love trains since childhood. They're fascinating. Train travel is always a fun experience. The people,the countryside and the train itself add charm to the whole experience. As a child I'd get excited on just hearing the word 'superfast'. Fast trains are always a thrill(though they only travel with an avg speed of 80).I'd stand gawking at the enormous engine and the length of the train. The sight of all the people at the station,the passengers,the relatives who've come to say goodbye,the chaiwalas and the hawkers is an experience in itself. Perhaps it's the reason why I often reach the station well over two hours in advance .

I did some googling on Indian Railways and didn't find much on the internet.Not many photographs either.

I will be adding my experiences and photographs from now on. Hope Dad buys be a nice camera. Till then have to make do with my k770i phone.

June 19, 2009

guitars rock

My last favorite La Guitara by Orjan Nielson was a great track with memerizing guitar work.

Ron Hagen & Pascal M - Riddles In The Sand is an even better one with superb beats.

June 18, 2009

June 17, 2009

The Fountain

An unforgettable,epic love story that spans a thousand years...heard this one before.
Just watched The fountain,a Darren Aronofsky movie starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.I bet you didn't know about this one despite it's big cast.

The plot follows three interwoven narratives,the past,the present and the future. One aspect the movie shines in is the visuals. Although there is nothing great in the mayan portrayal(We've seen better),the future part in which hugh travels thru space in his sphere is great. The gold hue gives it a very cool look.The yoga pose is odd though.

The story didn't make much sense to me. Guess the philosophical angle is too much for a movie novice like me.
Hugh Jackman shines and Rachel...well she's a shiner already. Great acting.

I heard minimum CG was used. Macro photography of minute organisms was used extensively which proved both cost effective and beautiful.


June 15, 2009

In news

had nthn to blog abt tday so...

-India is out of Twenty20 world cup. Bad luck,Dhoni
-Shiney Ahuja loses his shine in a very...eh forget it
-Ahmedinejad wins a landslide victory. The world is not happy
-More attacks on Students in Oz
-Swine flu is now in India(23 cases and rising)
aaj ke samachar samaapt

June 14, 2009

Back with a Bing!

Is google in trouble? Microsoft's new search engine bing previously called kumo is getting positive reviews.
Various new features such as the sidebar,categorized search and live video previews are innovative and useful. But the latter got brickbats for showing porn without even entering websites. The issue was swiftly resolved by Microsoft which is commendable.
There are talks of Microsoft releasing a free Antivirus.
Microsoft seems to be hitting all the right notes this time.

June 13, 2009

A winner atlast?

Windows vista was so flawed I gave it a miss. windows 7 looks promising.

interface is fluid and visually appealing.

Paint and calc are renovated with a new ribbon interface.

I love it. But its only one day.

time will tell if it will garner the respect xp got.

New favorites

long time since I posted my last tranceupdate.
Here are my new favorites.
-Iselilja by Blizzard
-Never Fade Away by John o CallaghanTranceupdate

Back from Manuguru

Back atlast. Blogger was giving trouble so no new posts.
Hyderabad is a lot cooler now thanks to the rains.

June 3, 2009

Rain Rain come again

I've had enough. I've tolerated this confounded heat for the past coupla months thru college and exams. I donno how I managed travelling up and down 40 long kilometres on that tortuous road during exams. The air was so hot it'd feel as if I was breathing thru a hair dryer!The searing heat has already given me a dark tan.
I want to spend my holidays in Manuguru soaking in the rain,with a bowl of hot maggi and a cup of coffee to keep me going. I especially like hanging out at the community center or one of the various bus sheds when it's raining heavily. A pack of garam bhajjis adds to the experience.
Ever played in puddles? boy,what fun!
Rain,I'm waiting.

June 2, 2009


Another long month. Going to college tomorrow for project discussion and group allotment.
got to apply for a passport so I got my certificates today. The blasted admin people made me wait 4 hours! going back to mngr on 4th.