June 29, 2009

the age of sega

I was 12 when I got my Sega Mega drive console.The year was 2000. Yes it took a while for india to catch on. The Mega drive was a popular console in the early 1990s in countries like US and Japan.

Mega drive or Genesis was a 16 bit gaming console by Sega. It had significantly better graphics than the older 8 bit consoles and better sound too.

I got an 8-game cartridge included in the package,I never bought another one. The games were:

1- Bare Knuckle(Streets of rage)

2- Sunset riders

3- Super hang on

4- Super monaco GP

5- Tiny toon

6- Fire Shark

7- Quackshot

the last one I don't remember.

My favorite was Bare Knuckle which I'd play with my Bro for hours at a time. Monaco GP was the first game that introduced me to the racing genre. My friends who owned 8-bit consoles were awestruck and loved to play on it.
My console was in all probability a chinese copy and malfunctioned after roughly one year of use.

Yesterday while pondering over best in-game music scores, I remembered Bare knuckle which had struck me as fascinating even as a kid. I did some googling and turns out Bare Knuckle is fairly famous for it's music,composed by noted musician Yuzo koshiro. The intro music is still fresh in my mind.According to wikipedia the original soundtrack was sold through auction!

If you are a fan of the 90s console games genre and would like to relive those days, find an emulator and download the game ROM and fire away!

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