September 4, 2015

Remembering our teachers

I was fortunate to have great teachers in my life.

  • A super cool principal who introduced me to the joys of reading.
  • A Maths teacher who changed my perception of the subject by his support and encouragement.
  • Social studies teachers: One had a great teaching style, one had rib-tickling humour. Who remembers "Cobra ij a  bird?"
  • A great art teacher who taught me how to paint. A librarian who was the favorite of everyone. The list goes on...
There were bad ones too. The one who'd make school kids run personal errands; the guy with the flute who, in my opinion, is a clear psycopath; and few others come mind,

All in good learning though!

I can safely say my career and personal life was heavily influenced by school life and I have only the greatest memories from AECS Manuguru.

A Happy Teachers Day!