August 26, 2015

A whole computer in a lunchbox

That big, black box in the above pic is our now defunct home PC. We bought it second hand as a simple, browsing machine for home use. Before it we had a custom built Pentium D unit which lasted a full 6 years.

The IBM box is so heavy it takes both hands and whole lot of effort to move it around. We even bought a Dell PC for Dad for his room at Manuguru. We jokingly referred to it as 'the generator'. The power unit on it was that loud.

All three PCs died, most recently the Dell and Dad was badly in need of a replacement so I started looking around online.

I was looking for a compact PC so considered the Intel NUC units, very customizable but the asking price was a bit too much. Zotac and Gigabyte have models too but difficult to find and VERY expensive.

I stumbled across the HP Mini 300-010in on Amazon. The price was just right. I just had to get it!

It is surprising how small this unit is...It is as big as a school lunchbox!

I installed it at Dad's desk and he is quite happy with it. The decidedly low 2 GB RAM is adequate for his browsing needs and the core i3 should more than make up for processing. I'm hoping this setup will last at least three years before requiring an upgrade.

Dad's always yearned for an L-desk, similar to the one he has at his Office. Next on list!