May 31, 2009

Exam blues

Ever got stuck in a difficult integration problem? What did you do when the equation was becoming increasingly complex and there was no clear answer in sight?

-Attended my cousin's wedding yesterday. skiped the reception today. I was not upto it.
-Need t apply for a passport. will start work tomoro.

May 29, 2009

Wolfram Beta?

If you're in the Tech circuit you must've surely heard of WolframAlpha. I will not go into the details. It's a search engine that tries to 'answer' the user queries rather than turning up rel;evant search pages. In essence it is doing the 'computation' part and returning the relevant answers.

I gave it a go with some questions like

-where was tom cruise born

-what is pi

-gravitational accln

tell you what, It answered all the above.

It failed on these questions

-fastest supercomputer?

-how many indians in Microsoft USA

-Who is Aziz Siddiqui(yes,I tried)

wolfram met with mixed responses from the scientific community.

check it out

Back in hyd

I am back in Hyderabad. To attend my cousin's wedding.
I can safely sum up this time's manuguru trip as stale. I'd love to discuss how badly I am pissed off on some people in manuguru.
It's still hot as hell and the humidity is killing me.

May 25, 2009

At the village market. No fancy supermarkets here in manuguru. But we're not complaining!

May 23, 2009

turning into dust

Beautiful trance track Into Dust (mazzy star) remixed by John O Callaghan.
the lyrics are haunting and the beats memerizing. As I said before, make sure you have a pair of good earphones.
The lyrics:

Still falling
Breathless and on again
Inside today
Beside me today
A round broken in two
'til your eyes shed into dust
Like two strangers turning into dust
'til my hand shook the way I fear
I could possibly be fading

Or have something more to gain
I could feel myself growing colder
I could feel myself under your face
Under...your face
It was you

breathless and tall
I could feel my eyes turning into dust
And two strangers turning into dustTurning into dust.

M7 : getaway 2

Had a great time at checkdam today. Praveen,Praneet,Asif,Siva,Juber,Abhishek, Shyam and Ranjith were der.Found a nice swimming spot with clear water. The water was shallow with increasing depth. Had a tough time on our way back. A shortcut turned out to be looong and wet which was fun anyway.
No photos,sadly.
Monsoon is here, so chances of another trip are remote.

May 21, 2009


Asif is applying for a passport and needs a residential address certificate or something since he doens'nt have a ration card so we go to the MRO office at Aswapuram. The place reminds me of Dad's village. Rusty old furniture, the old paint job and who can miss those stacks of record papers that hold god knows what.
Asif finishes his enquiries and we start back.
Then Asif goes "Why don't we go to the check dam again?"
It's boring at home anyway. No friends to hang out with.mmmmm....
We grab a bottle of mineral water and we're off.The sky is overcast. If it starts raining, we're done for. The katcha road will surely ruin my bike. Add to that no phone connectivity. We may end up stranded.
We go anyway,the sense of adventure notwithstanding.

The dam is now very dry with no overflowing water. the sight is pretty awesome anyway. The place is deserted save for a couple of kids looking for fish. Asif's amazed at the sheer length of the dam(I've been here donno how many times). He wants to walk over to other side. Easier said than done. We walk a little and settle down somewhere in between.

The water is pretty deep. The other side has rocks everywhere with stagnant water in between.There are several very deep areas here too. It's getting very windy now, a sure sign of rain. Not a good idea standing on a 2 metre wide dam with death on both sides, in this weather. So we head back to my bike. Thank god it's still 3:00. A little late and the returning cattle will prove to be a real pain. We stop by some fields to click some pictures of the grazing cattle.

All this might surely sound a little exxagerated or boring but hey it's all we got. Manuguru is a very boring place if all you wanna do is watch T.v and sleep. If you have a restless adventurer in you, set out on your bike and look around. Lots of interesting places to see. Nature is the best teacher.

Some pics below

May 19, 2009

M3 : V need First Aid

I was browsing through my dad's books today looking for a good novel to read but
found a rather interesting and informative book. I'm hooked to it.
"First Aid" by St. John Ambulance Association is a must read for everyone and
especially for those who live in cities. I have seen many emwrgency cases myself
in Hyderabad.
The book has detailed information on types of injuries and instructions for the
public on how to handle them. Awareness among the general public of the
importance of First Aid will surely go a long way in making us safer and more
competant at handling emergencies.

The book states "It is the sacred duty of every citizen to learn and publicise
this movement till every citizen learns the methods of first aid"
I'll do my bit.leave your email id in comments and I'll send you an e-book.

---prevention is better than cure,so stay clear of danger---

May 18, 2009

If I give devotion...

Synausthasia remixed by Paul Van Dyk
A popular track of the nineties. I found it on my old hard drive.
A track worth archiving. Also check out For an Angel by PVD.


Woke up at 12:00 to the news of Prabhakaran's death. Killed in a grenade attack
by the Sri Lankan army. Telegraph reports of the "massacre" as inhumane and a
breach of international humanitarian conventions(read thousands of dead civilians).
What matters is : LTTE is no more.

In other news,Congress wins hands down. DC calls it "King Cong". Apt name.
Rahul Gandhi steers it to victory in UP,firmly establishing himself in politics.
No, I am not one bit interested in politics. A young guy like Rahul howewer, sounds promising.

May 17, 2009


In manuguru at last!
No time for bloggin here.No bandwidth either.

-attended FCI get-together. Suresh uncle and Family and Balakrishna uncle were the
special guests.
-met Asif and others
-something wrong with my eyes.Pain in my eyeballs on movement. redness too. A nise and gentamacin drops don't seem to help.


May 14, 2009

TechEd Day 2

Went late today. Missed Resul Pookutty's keynote. First session was on e-commerce by Kevin Dsouza and Sanjay Aggarwal. Kevin's an evangelist at Micorsoft and agarwal heads IRCTC.
I returned at about 4. The trip was extremely tiring,so I cannot elaborate on anything.
More details in my next post hopefully.

May 13, 2009

you broke your promise...

False Promises by Lost Stories featured in ASOT(I don remember the number)
good track

TechEd Day 1

Teched Day 1

I catch the 6:40 MMTS from Lakdikapul and reach hitech City at around 7:15. I have no idea which way to go. I take a wrong road that seems to be going to some newly built apartments, turn back and at last hitch a ride to the Cyber towers. Walk over to the Hitex charminar and catch another auto. Ha, at HICC finally. Perhaps I am the only one attending the event like that. How I wish I had a bike.

I collect my Pass at the registration desk and go in. My fears seem to have come true. I see company ID cards everywhere. Infosys,microsoft,TCS, Wipro you name it.
NO students. None at all. I bump into a young guy working as an assistant manager at ICICI.He's not from the It field but here to get 'inspired' among 'great minds'.
Just when I start losing hope, I spot this guy in a black t-shirt ,ruffled hair and young face. I immediately approach him. Turns out he is a third year student from VIT. I heave a sigh of relief. We enter the hall and wait with bated breath. Agnee performs with some really lame lyrics "jee le baby...". whatever.

Here comes Steeeeve!!!!
We all scream in unison. He starts off his keynote with recession as his theme and goes on to assure us the economic slump can in no way hamper IT. IT matters more than ever before
The photographers go crazy snapping away and mask steve in flash light thruout his speech. Steve ends his address with a very entertaining q&a session.
Before attending I was very bothered about the amount of money i'd spent. Now it is clear it was money well spent. Steve Ballmer has made it worthwhile.

The first session starts after a small break. It is by none other than Stephen walther. The same guy who wrote the best selling ASP unleashed and other books.
I already recognise him in the lobby long before the programme. I am too scared to
go up and talk(what would I talk about nyway). some other guys cash in on the oppurtunity. His session is excellent although I admit most of it went over my head.

Have lunch after that and reach late for our second session. five minutes into the lecture and I know I'm in the wrong hall. TFS(team oundation server) is a name i've never heard before so I just keep low so no one sees my baffled face.

This headache of mine is already at it's peak and I decide to leave. The return journey is rather painful. feels like u're inhaling through a hair dryer.

some pics below

The venue: Hyderabad International Convention center

Setting up the stage

that's Steve Ballmer!!!

May 12, 2009

TechEd tomoro

I am attending Microsoft TechEd 2009 tomorrow at hyderabad international convention
center. The highlight of the conference is the keynote address by Steve Ballmer(CEO,Microsoft),which I am really looking forward to.
I am also excited about the various technology sessions with the likes of Stephen Walther,Harish Ranganathan and Nauzad Kapadia speaking. Even Resul pookutty's coming.

I am excited.
and as always- there's a problem. how do I get there? I don't have a bike.
Commuting by train and auto is very tiring. Hiring a car is out of the question.
I will have to figure out something.

More on TechEd soon so stay tuned...

May 11, 2009

A ring, a ring o' roses


I wake up early,dress up and wait for Dad's call. He's here to check out a flat on sale near
Langar House. We eventually start at around 11:30,the sun at it's hottest. I wear a
winter cap to shield myself from the extreme heat. My nostrils cringe due to the hot air.We're almost there when I notice something queer. I am red all over. I pull up my sleeves and notice red spots on my arms. ditto stomach. I don't panic. It's happened to me before.
We check out the flat, review the accessibilty etc etc. I tell my Dad about the rashes lest he have some other plans. We start our journey back and I stop by a couple of pharmacies for an Avil 50mg with no luck.
We reach home in time for lunch. I decide to go consult the doc first. I goto premier expecting a coupla anti-allergic drugs but get something unexpected. The doctor advises admission. He suspects some viral infection and writes a slew of blood tests and in half an hour, I am lying on a bed with a half litre bottle of dextrose plugged into my system with an awfully painful long needle.


A full 24hrs later which were arguably the most boring, they discharge me with no clear diagnosis. Only some drugs and advise a full coagulation test or something at NIMs.I return home,take a nice shower and hit the sack. Wake up to bid Dad goodbye who is returning to manuguru after a wasted trip(courtesy me).


So, it's 12:36 A.M. 9hrs for my last exam. I've decided to give it a skip. I will try to do well next time. S&*^ happens(but too much in my case,though).

Dad reading a newspaper

May 9, 2009

too many cool drinks?

I went shopping with Razzu today. Got a pair of Lee cooper shoes and Jeans. Daddy is here to find Razzu a room, his asbestos roofed abode is getting too hot to handle.

I am down with a sore throat. In summer ! My head hurts. A 650mg paracetamol and a levocet don't seem to work.
Last exam on tuesday followed by tech.ed
Then- freeeeeeeeedom. I'll catch the first bus to Manuguru

May 8, 2009

vMeet : after a real long time

It's thursday,07 May. No Exam till 12. Some calls and we're off. Nitin and I reach Tsnk Bund first. Take a few pictures as we wait. I click away merrily unaware of the dying charge on my phone. Below are some of the better ones.

Juber comes very late at about 7:30 and the rest take half an hour more to arrive. We
walk to Lumbini and chillout for a while. I want to take a ferry ride but no one seems interested.light pockets i prob. By now my phone is down. Call it my ignorance or bad luck,but my phone seems to let me down all the time.

We then head to Ching hua at basheerbagh for dinner. some pics below.

By the time we finish it's already 10:30. We then take turns trying out bikes(praveen's cbz extreme and sunil's pulsar) on Necklace road. I find it especially
thrilling coz I've never ridden a bike in Hyderabad before :(

We 'school disperse' around 11:30.

May 6, 2009

Exam 5

Date: 06-05-2008
Exam: Middleware technologies


May 4, 2009

Exam 4

Exam: E-Commerce

We have one hellishly easy subject in every semester. This time it is E-commerce. I wake up late at 7, dress up,get on the bus and fall asleep again. No thoughts about the exam at all.
I am in the exam hall at 9:40 and wait. The wait turns really long as they give papers late today, some problem with the printers I guess. the question papers arrive at 10:30
I start writing furiously paying no attention to my hand writing. Still end up wrting till the end. Why I am I getting slow? or were my answers long? donno

Signing off. I am really tired.

May 3, 2009

What brought me to trance?

"what brought you to trance?"
I saw this question in a post in

I bought Politics of Dancing by Paul Van Dyk back when I was in Inter. This was one of my favorite cassettes, others including All Hits no words,Boheme Deep forest, Posteriori Enigma, and Push the button chemical brothers to name a few.
The track Reach Me by Lexicon 4 blew me away. That's it. I was a fan.

I now have a collection of thousands of awesome trance records.

Search me

My blog now figures at the top in Google search results for 'aziz siddiqui'

May 1, 2009

Exam 3

Exam: Unix Programming

This exam I was looking forward to. I'd prepared well for the labs and had even read numerous tutorials on the internet.
So here I am all confident expecting a good paper and good marks.

The cool breeze from the new air cooler I got yesterday is pure bliss. How I wish the exam was postponed! (There was talk of exam getting postponed, mayday being a govt holiday)
I get up as usual at 6 and go thru my notes once. Hakeem arrives at 7:30 and we're off. Nayeem Sir is not there today to bug us for passes,thank god.
College canteen is getting worse by the day. serve partially burnt upma today. It smells so awful I gulp down a cooldrink to soothe my tongue.
The exam starts on time.I finish one question in 30minutes and the rest before 11:30

We go to chevalla for friday prayers. and when we're back we get an unpleasant surprise yet again. Our bus is gone! We call Nayeem sir. He doesn't give a sh&*. We end up in a super crammed RTC bus and sweat and choke our way to Hyderabad. Kudos to our admin a@#%^es once again.

Note: Take plenty of fluids during summer. cooldrinks,coconut water,sugarcane juice,whatever. Just make sure you have enough salts in your body to keep you going. A sun stroke during exams is a reaally bad deal.