May 1, 2009

Exam 3

Exam: Unix Programming

This exam I was looking forward to. I'd prepared well for the labs and had even read numerous tutorials on the internet.
So here I am all confident expecting a good paper and good marks.

The cool breeze from the new air cooler I got yesterday is pure bliss. How I wish the exam was postponed! (There was talk of exam getting postponed, mayday being a govt holiday)
I get up as usual at 6 and go thru my notes once. Hakeem arrives at 7:30 and we're off. Nayeem Sir is not there today to bug us for passes,thank god.
College canteen is getting worse by the day. serve partially burnt upma today. It smells so awful I gulp down a cooldrink to soothe my tongue.
The exam starts on time.I finish one question in 30minutes and the rest before 11:30

We go to chevalla for friday prayers. and when we're back we get an unpleasant surprise yet again. Our bus is gone! We call Nayeem sir. He doesn't give a sh&*. We end up in a super crammed RTC bus and sweat and choke our way to Hyderabad. Kudos to our admin a@#%^es once again.

Note: Take plenty of fluids during summer. cooldrinks,coconut water,sugarcane juice,whatever. Just make sure you have enough salts in your body to keep you going. A sun stroke during exams is a reaally bad deal.

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