April 29, 2009

Exam 2

Exam: Data Mining blah blah

Alarm was set for 4. I wake up at 6. I quickly dress up and catch my bus. I open the textbook my mind refuses to mine the data.Maybe the heat's messing it up. It gives a hardware exception. I doze off.
I grab a quick breakfast at the canteen and settle down under the trees for a quick revision.

The exam starts at 10:15. Thank God, the questions are all fine. bad luck,those who got Set 4.
I do my best to finish in time. I Finish 3 questions before I realise there are just 40 minutes left. I scribble thru the next two and have no time time left for corrections.

The admin guys pull off another cheap one this time. They force us off the bus for not carrying passes. That chairman prick is getting on my nerves. They bloody know we've paid the fees. Why the drama? Ok I agree we're supposed to be carrying
passes. Hey, It's exam time and who the f remembers? They could be a lil broad minded, nai?

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