April 18, 2009

Sony Ericsson K770i : a very late review

I am a gadget freak, but I don't have many gadgets to boast of. I have a small collection of daily essentials that keep me going. There are some people who change gadgets on a weekly basis. I can't afford such luxury and I don't like it either.

So here's my Sony Ericsson k770i. My uncle brought this or me from Saudi Arabia for 770 riyals, roughly Rs 11,000. I haven't seen this model anywhere else in India yet. I guess it wasn't launched here.

Here's a quick look at the specs:

- 3.2 mp camera
- 3G compatible, i donno the version
- 1.8 inch 262k color screen
- Music player(walkman ver.1)
- Truffle brown color
- Blutooth with A2DP

I've used it for a full 4months now and I find the phone exceptional.
It looks very sleek and sobre,the brown colors lends it an expensive feel.
The 3.2 mp camera takes exceptional shots but the white LED is wasted.
Night shots turn out noisy almost everytime but the overall image quality is way better than the competitors,thats for sure.
K770i also comes equipped with secondary call camera which is u as of now useless as there is no (affordable) 3G service in India. it serves well as a mirror though.

the call quality is great but the backplate heats up during long calls and charging.
Text messaging is very easy and the keypad very responsive.

The proprietary connector has already started giving me problems. hope they do away with it. Bluetooth is a good alternative for data transfer.

All in all a very capable camera phone. There are some quirks but not a big problem.

-camera(It's even got a manual cover)

-heats up a lil bit
-music quality limited(crap earphones)

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