April 6, 2009

2nd mid day 1

Wrote my 2nd mid exams HCI and DMDW today. It is often said that a generous amount of luck is essential along with hardwork. well, in my case no matter how much effort I put in something always goes wrong. Today I forgot to write my name and roll no on the paper. As good as not writing the exam!
The thought struck me while writing the second exam,I Handed over the paper in 30minutes and ran straight to the Exam room(no luck there). Thus, i ruined my second exam too.

I don't like haggling for marks,attendance or anyhtn for that matter.I donno how some of my classmates get away with anything with no more than a smile from the teachers while I was late a couple of minutes in the lab one day and i got a sound scolding.

No place for decency or old-school values these days.

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