April 17, 2009

summertime and exams

what's CLR?
I was stumped.His first question and I didnt know the answer. I knew middleware technologies was going to be a problem.
I wrote the program and executed it,all in 15 minutes. The 'external' came an hour late.
He started with CLR,which of which I had no idea. the other questions were simple and all went well.

It was so hot today I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open. After the exam,we headed to the nearest mosque for friday prayers. It was quite hot already and to add to our woes there was no power at the mosque.
After namaz we stood under a tree waiting for an auto. Had a mango flavored icecream that helped cool down the body a lil bit.

The buses at the chevalla bus stand were as usual filled to capacity and we got a seat at moinabad.

As soon as i got down I gulped down two glasses of nimbu pani,came home,took a shower and went to sleep.

woke up just now. There's no rice left so have to do with a pack of top ramen. There's a bottle of maaza in the refrigerator so dinner's sorted.

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