April 22, 2009

facts galore

I have always been fascinated by strange and wierd facts and spent a lot of my library time in childhood reading fact books.
Mysteries,spoofs,mistakes,greatest,highest,... They make for a really informative way to spend time.
In my recent post, I talked about oddee.com.
Now I've found an even bigger one, probably the grand daddy of them all www.listverse.com
From 10 costliest toys to the most tragic events and even some really disturbing articles,which are onot for the weak at heart.
I donno how many articles they've got but I've just finished with the 90th article.
very entertaining.

My youtube list:

-Coffee & TV by Blur. superb video with a very sweet theme
-Hello by Lionel richie. a classic song of its time
-Hum bewafa by instant karma

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