April 3, 2009

AHtalk and other stories

"Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand "

I donno how they do it. I donno where they get their topics from. Cars,Phones,Islam, you name it.
Exams' due to start in 10 minutes and this guy falls into an NDTV style debate on such a moronic topic, it'd make a child laugh.
Add to it some hyderabadi expletives and in minutes you have others pouring in their "expert opinions".

F^%$, man i'm tryin to do some study here!

Nyway MWT exam went well. The sight of that maam was making me perspire. But guess wat, I answered all the viva questions!
But i know i won't be gettin good marks nyway.

"What is love" by Haddaway is an old tune but still sounds so fresh. Just saw the video on youtube. Still very popular.
minimize the window and listen.

Our DMDW exam's posponed to 04 may from the scheduled 23 april. Gives enought time for UNIX. MWT's still a problem though.

Here's me all exhausted,waiting for my college bus to start.

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