November 4, 2018

Polaroid SX 70 Restoration

Last month during one of my forages through the roadside shops at the Sunday market at Charminar, I chanced upon a totally wasted SX70. I was able to get it at a good price as the shopkeeper was more than happy to part with he must have thought was a useless piece of junk.

The SX70 is a legendary camera and is sought after in the Lomography circuit. This unit was beyond repair though and I had no intention of bringing it back to life. I only wanted it to look good on the shelf so I started to look for ways to improve its look. The leftover fabric from the previous car restoration project was all I needed. Plus glue. And Patience... loads of it.

The pictures will explain why.

A very rough job but definitely a step up from the shabby look it was in when I picked it up. Plus it looks great on the shelf now.

September 10, 2018

Unhealthy talk

Yesterday, at a lunch with friends, I said no to Rasgulla citing my headache. A guy commented "One more ailment and you'd have been a girl!".

Health is a sensitive topic. I should learn to keep my mouth shut at times. The only people who give a damn about how I'm feeling are my parents. Period.

September 1, 2018

Apna Sapna Money Money

I have always made poor financial decisions. I don't have a penny in savings nor have I invested in gold, real estate or shares and mutual funds like some of my friends have.

And yet, after a few events over the last couple of weeks, I have realized I should actually be proud of one thing - I have NEVER staked claim on other people's money. Ever.

My greed for things is limited by my paycheck the remaining credit on my bank cards.

August 2, 2018

Of facebook and opinions

I was called out several times for 'cribbing' and 'ranting' on facebook.

I was just expressing my opinions on things that I felt strongly about.

From now on:
I'll post bathroom selfies from star hotels
I'll share cat memes and prank videos of people stalking people on streets
I'll take 10 pics of the food I'm having
I'll check in at every place I visit
I'll talk in emojis and GIFs in place of meaningful comments

My cribbing, I'll do it here.

July 24, 2018

Distress no-sale

I posted the following status on facebook two days ago:

Distress Sale
All the items are in great condition and being sold at throwaway prices. More details will be shared via inbox
1 - Nokia Lumia 830 - Windows phone. Great condition, with box(No accessories).
2 - Benq 21.5 inch Monitor - Full HD panel
3 - HP Slate 7 HD 7 inch Tablet (Withdrawn)
4 - Micromax 10 inch Tablet
5 - Fujifilm X10 Retro Point and shoot camera (SOLD)
6 - Epson T13 Printer - Needs cartridges
7 - Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (tentative)
8 - Hercules DJ Instinct S series Console
9 - UNIC UC40 Projector
Coming Soon (September)
10 - Honda CBR 150R Motorcycle
11 - Sony A77 Body and 3 lenses
Reason for sale - I was stupid. Now I'm broke.Feel free to message for more details. Cheers.
The point of the exercise was to make some money off things I don't use and help recover my broke-ass salary account. I managed to sell just one item so far. JUST ONE.

Some things I have learnt (will keep updating this list):

- I was better off selling on olx. Turns out my friends are bigger low ballers, with more tantrums
- It's easy to impulse purchase and stockpile on stuff you don't need
- Electronics depreciate like butter on a hot pan

A couple of friends did send in messages asking if I needed help. I'm fortunate to have some people who still care. God bless them. 

July 13, 2018

Back to the old days

I've decided to shift all my rants from facebook and other social media platforms, to this blog. That way, I have a platform to vent and don't have to deal with judgmental friends and relatives.

Cheers to new beginnings.

April 10, 2018

DIY Maruti 800 Door Panels Restoration - Part 1

Maruti 800 Door panels restoration ongoing. Post to be updated with videos and more pics soon.