September 30, 2010

Long time No post

This is bad. One full month and just 3 posts!

Internet is an addiction now and with no PC here... I've missed one full week of updates. Not that I lost critical emails or anything... a couple of facebook notifications and one flickermail is all :-p
What's made life worse is the lack of my daily dose of tech news, cracked and youtube randoms.

In Manuguru, I caught fever again and had to see the doctor for a full examination. He wrote 6 tests in all,results came in yesterday evening- all normal.

Booked a last minute AC ticket to Hyderabad without Dad's consent. with the ayodhya verfict coming today... I didn't want to get stuck there incase of trouble.

Back now and doing a lot better... looking forward to some productive work.

September 18, 2010

Green...and then some more

I'm really bummed about not having updated my blog in the past few days. I caught 'viral' fever and the last coupla days were spent recuperating in bed. All fb updates and responses were via my netbook.
Now for the time being, I'm posting a few pics from my recent Bhadrachalam pics here.

September 1, 2010


I know- of the 5 or so readers of my blog, only one will actually bother to load up this vid. And I know he's gonna like it :-)

I'm getting sick of describing every great track I come across. The deeper tones apart from the dhishum dhishum is what makes these tracks different. This new find is just like my long favorite "A different feeling" by Simon Patterson.

Moonshine by Steve Birch(Patrick B remix)