April 30, 2010

Earns it's place in my heart!

A great trance track again! From Zabiela's Essential Mix. Check out the video and you'll see:

A Place in my heart(Featuring Erland Oye), remixed by Jori Hullkonen


I think I have insulted you,
You're dancing with your back against me
I think I have insulted you,
You're dancing with your back against me

I Look around, You look away -
We said hello, you had nothing to say

I think I know the reason why
In fact, it's very clear
I think I know the reason why
In fact, it's very clear

Gonna have to make you understand,
You'll always have a place in my heart
Gonna have to make you understand,
You'll always have a place in my heart

April 29, 2010

Zuban ko lagam do

It take guts to ask a project supervisor how much he earns a month. A guy in my class did just that and surprisingly, got an answer when a blast of rage couldnt have been too far off. I was mulling over this when I realised I've witnessed similar events from all walks of life :

-It takes an equal amount of shamelessness to make fun of someone, in his absence. A routine that is considered uhh... normal for the other gender(no offence), it is now common to see guys laughing their heads off on anything from attitude issues to physical traits. And one area where it really puts me off is when students take sides on religious issues.

-I was in Warangal last month attending a workshop on Automotive Design. The speaker handed out rims of white paper for the students to practice on, we were supposed to take 10 sheets and pass the rest of the bunch. The guy sitting beside me nonchalantly helped himself to a handful, maybe 50 or more and slid them into his bag. While it may not amount to much damage, it still is very cheap.

-Then there is this inherent trait we're all so familiar with: breaking lines. A guy walked into an ATM cutting through a long line and mumbled some lame excuse when confronted. Line at railway counter? No sir. Impatience is "in". A minor glitch in a theatre projector and the popcorn starts flying, a slow vehicle and the horns start wailing in no time. From the other end though, the system itself has done it's bit to ensure chaos. Passports take forever(1 year in my case), our judicial system is a sick joke, the roads have more craters than the moon...

-Long ago in school : A girl tried telling her friends a story. Bang in the middle of her narrative, another girl interrupted it with "Chal chod! Pata hai...". The obviously embarassed girl gave in. And before any comments drop on "intrusion", I was sitting one bench across and there was no way I could miss it unless I was wearing blackened glasses and industrial earbuds.

-Garden disputes are very common. A lady, who'd caught a 10 year old stealing mangoes from her orchard, beat him real bad and called him "Labour class" . Wretched thing, she was lucky to have made it out unscathed through the ordeal. We've heard of murders for less.

-Food.... Where do I begin. Ever hear that chomp chomp of food or the loud slurrrrrrp of tea that immediately turns the stomach over? Or worse, some guy sneezing onto the whole friggin spread! Dining table ethics is one subject we're totally "pappu" about.

And ya, I'm not perfect either. Nobody is. My brother pointed out I talk too loudly sometimes. I can't focus sometimes no matter how pressing the situation. And I lose my temper a little too easily.That I can attribute to my fried CPU but then who's gonna believe me?
It has been rightly said, manners and ethics are things that can only be "programmed" in the early stages of life. As age progresses the program files move to main memory and all interfaces are done away with.

I found this funny collection on cracked on pesonality issues:

April 19, 2010


"Ghar ki murgi daal barabar" is a saying that rightly describes our gross lack of
interest in heritage. We admire and wonder about the pyramids, the caves, the oceans
and in cases shell out thousands and thousands for the very stuff that can be found
locally! My brother has been doing his heritage visits for over a year now and has covered
many important structures in and around the city including the Paigah Tombs, and a few palaces among others. It was not lack of interest but sheer laziness that was keeping me from
going to one.

Help came in the form of a call from bhaiya who was planning a trip to Quli Qutub Shah tombs
or "seven tombs" as it is locally called, some 10 kms away from here. His last visit was while he was a kid as was the case with me. I was maybe 10 when I last visited and have no recollection except for one scary water reservoir which kindof fueled my nightmare database for sometime later.

We started at 4 and the sun was pretty darned hot. We got a mild shock at the gate when
the guard told us cars weren't allowed inside... and it was one hell of a walk inside. As we
slowly strolled in, we were greeted by a huge excavator that stood in stark contrast to the
centuries old buildings around it. Heavy renovation was underway and the roads were all
dug up.

We managed to explore a couple of Tombs and the mortuary complete with the cauldron
for heating water(for the dead!), and we'd mistook the embalming stone for some
kindof dias! And the aforementioned reservoir or "Hauz" was completely dry and not scary anymore.

The ladies, Musheer Aunty and bhabhi were already tired and decided to rest
at the refreshment kiosk with kiddo Arhaan, while bhaiya and I moved on. We covered a couple more tombs where we were enlightened by a keeper who seemed to know a hell lot about the dead kings buried there. One interesting thing he showed us was a patch of paint at
the back of one tomb. Though centuries old, still looks beautiful. The forces of nature(and man of course) are at full firce flaking away what's left of it.

We shot a few more pics at the old well, the unfinished Taneshah's mausoleum and were
on our way back by 6. We stopped by at our Mama's place before returning home by 8.
I was complaining about Sunday's always going dry. Monday pretty much made up for it.

April 17, 2010

JZ- the new AvB?

I never knew BBC Radio One's Essential Mix had so much potential. Gareth Emery's "Cocoon Remix", my last favorite was an Essential mix track.

My new craze is James Zabiela. The whole friggin set rocks. He's used the recent movie "Moon" as inspiration and the tracks are totally out-of-the-world.

Star You Star Me – A Place In My Heart (feat. Erland Oye) starts off great and the lyrics are haunting. perfect!

Indiblogger on Hindu!

April 16, 2010

Points of light

Trying to sleep in 90% humidity and 40 degree temperature is no mean task. And I was sleeping on the floor, for &^% sake. When I looked up at the monitor for updates(I do that often), the chair with it's "Jaali" made a nice composition with the orange monitor wallpaper in the background. I got up and grabbed my camera. I bumped the ISO sensitivity to 800 and shot several pics some upto 6 seconds long.

April 12, 2010

We blog, we rock

The afternoon sun was merciless and the share auto ride to Mehdipatnam was pure
torture. I held on to dear life as the auto swerved and swayed, the sun completing the
ordeal baking my exposed half. Got on the trusty old Metro bus(49M) from mehdipatnam,
The air was still hair dryer hot. Fortune Manohar, fortunately(pun not intended) is just behind
the old begumpet airport bus stand and I was in. It was still a good half hour before the
meet began so I sat waited in the lobby.

The meet started a lil late after a decent number of attendees walked in. I saw a burqa
clad "woman" walk in and something about her shoulders and walking style didn't make
sense. The programme started with the screening of a custom made Hitler video which
had everyone in splits. Then it turned out Hitler was here at our meet in disguise. No prizes
for guessing who.

Then we moved onto "30 seconds of fame" which was basically about introducing
ourselves. I freak out when a mike comes my way, I donno why. While most took more
than 30 seconds to describe themselves(some took minutes), I mumbled my name and
some other gibberish and was done in maybe 10 seconds. I didn't even look up!

Next we were handed a chart and a sketch pen. The idea was to go around and interact
with fellow bloggers and get their feedback on the chart. Novel idea. I messed up this too,
no surprise. Then there was this presentation about Ads4good, an Adsense kindof
initiative with a social cause. The speaker was not very clear about what he was
presenting and it led to some confusion. There was a quiz by Riyaz, which was both
entertaining and enlightening. I knew a couple of answers but... u guessed it, didn't

Had Dahi wada and a really tiny burger with coffee. Skipped Gulab Jamun. I then collected
my indiblogger t-shirt from the desk. The tee itself looks good, with the "we blog..." line on
both sides. The rubber "Univercell" logo on the sleeve was kindof a dampener. A smaller
icon or better still, a stitched-on logo(for easy removal) would have been better.

The meet was much more than I'd expected. The ambience was great. It felt great to be
among some really great persons. At the same time I also felt a sense of accomplishment.
I always thought I was a total amateur in this field. There were guys here with less than a
month of blogging experience, and one who'd written just two posts(one for the last meet
and one for today's!).
I didn't get to thank the indiblogger team for organising such a wonderful blogger meet. I
will email them though :-)

Already waiting for another bigger, fun filled blogger meet.

Blog Hyderabad, Blog!!!

April 5, 2010

Paint vs Photoshop

Paint is possibly the best(and free) graphics software out there. A few lines and curves and I had a small hatchback ready. Where Photoshop beats Paint is in the coloring department as is evident from the pics be -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


April 4, 2010

In a nutshell

Manuguru as ever, was hot as hell and unbearably humid. I started on 26th with Saba who'd just finished with her inter boards. Saba had about 4 days before her EAMCET coaching started, and Saba wanted to "chill"(pun totally intended).

The rusty old fans in trains do total injustice to the Upper berths by pushing all air to the lower ones that already have windows for ventilation. I sweated and cursed my way to manuguru.
There were more surprises waiting there. The sunlight hurt my eyes. the heat was oppressive, no friends there, the speakers were'nt working, my laptop was running on goddamned linux... I thought wow.

But then there was the huge Desert cooler in my room. It drank water like a starved camel but it was probably the reason my head was saved from frying(of heat and boredom).
One, two... days went by, I did some errands for the house. Threw about a quintal of junk from our days at the school(ya,one moves on).

Day before yesterday, went on a drive by to a village about 20kms from our place. Called
Mamili. something, Dad's been frequenting this village for his philanthropy drives. Lots of underpriviliged souls there... and totto ignorance. Dad gave me a stern warning never to take friends there or worse, go alone coz apparently age old dark traditions are still common there. creepy...

We then stopped by the crossing near the manuguru tracks and took pictures. All the while we got odd stares from the surrounding folk. And Dad's binaculors wasn't helping....

At home I set out to repair my wrecked M&S watch. I'd tried to get it fixed at a shop in hyderabad but the gears were apparently damaged beyond repair. I hit upon an idea to replace the whole unit from the watch. First I dismantled my old fastrack from which I'd moved on about a year ago(take that!). After an hour of hair plucking effort, I failed. This one had broken battery contacts I'd missed. Then I got evil! I wrecked my sister's Q&Q and all went well until the M&S hands refused to fit on the relatively smaller unit. I had to make do with the tiny golden hands from the smaller watch. The whole experiment went well, except my watch now looks hideous. And Saba now owns my Columbia chrono. Not for long, bacchi...

And ya, this was the only trip in 4 years where I spent all my time at home and didn't meet even a single bloke. I went around the colony on my bike for some air and that's about it. Mom was glad !

Sweated and chugged my way back on our "manuguru express" on Friday.