April 19, 2010


"Ghar ki murgi daal barabar" is a saying that rightly describes our gross lack of
interest in heritage. We admire and wonder about the pyramids, the caves, the oceans
and in cases shell out thousands and thousands for the very stuff that can be found
locally! My brother has been doing his heritage visits for over a year now and has covered
many important structures in and around the city including the Paigah Tombs, and a few palaces among others. It was not lack of interest but sheer laziness that was keeping me from
going to one.

Help came in the form of a call from bhaiya who was planning a trip to Quli Qutub Shah tombs
or "seven tombs" as it is locally called, some 10 kms away from here. His last visit was while he was a kid as was the case with me. I was maybe 10 when I last visited and have no recollection except for one scary water reservoir which kindof fueled my nightmare database for sometime later.

We started at 4 and the sun was pretty darned hot. We got a mild shock at the gate when
the guard told us cars weren't allowed inside... and it was one hell of a walk inside. As we
slowly strolled in, we were greeted by a huge excavator that stood in stark contrast to the
centuries old buildings around it. Heavy renovation was underway and the roads were all
dug up.

We managed to explore a couple of Tombs and the mortuary complete with the cauldron
for heating water(for the dead!), and we'd mistook the embalming stone for some
kindof dias! And the aforementioned reservoir or "Hauz" was completely dry and not scary anymore.

The ladies, Musheer Aunty and bhabhi were already tired and decided to rest
at the refreshment kiosk with kiddo Arhaan, while bhaiya and I moved on. We covered a couple more tombs where we were enlightened by a keeper who seemed to know a hell lot about the dead kings buried there. One interesting thing he showed us was a patch of paint at
the back of one tomb. Though centuries old, still looks beautiful. The forces of nature(and man of course) are at full firce flaking away what's left of it.

We shot a few more pics at the old well, the unfinished Taneshah's mausoleum and were
on our way back by 6. We stopped by at our Mama's place before returning home by 8.
I was complaining about Sunday's always going dry. Monday pretty much made up for it.

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