April 12, 2010

We blog, we rock

The afternoon sun was merciless and the share auto ride to Mehdipatnam was pure
torture. I held on to dear life as the auto swerved and swayed, the sun completing the
ordeal baking my exposed half. Got on the trusty old Metro bus(49M) from mehdipatnam,
The air was still hair dryer hot. Fortune Manohar, fortunately(pun not intended) is just behind
the old begumpet airport bus stand and I was in. It was still a good half hour before the
meet began so I sat waited in the lobby.

The meet started a lil late after a decent number of attendees walked in. I saw a burqa
clad "woman" walk in and something about her shoulders and walking style didn't make
sense. The programme started with the screening of a custom made Hitler video which
had everyone in splits. Then it turned out Hitler was here at our meet in disguise. No prizes
for guessing who.

Then we moved onto "30 seconds of fame" which was basically about introducing
ourselves. I freak out when a mike comes my way, I donno why. While most took more
than 30 seconds to describe themselves(some took minutes), I mumbled my name and
some other gibberish and was done in maybe 10 seconds. I didn't even look up!

Next we were handed a chart and a sketch pen. The idea was to go around and interact
with fellow bloggers and get their feedback on the chart. Novel idea. I messed up this too,
no surprise. Then there was this presentation about Ads4good, an Adsense kindof
initiative with a social cause. The speaker was not very clear about what he was
presenting and it led to some confusion. There was a quiz by Riyaz, which was both
entertaining and enlightening. I knew a couple of answers but... u guessed it, didn't

Had Dahi wada and a really tiny burger with coffee. Skipped Gulab Jamun. I then collected
my indiblogger t-shirt from the desk. The tee itself looks good, with the "we blog..." line on
both sides. The rubber "Univercell" logo on the sleeve was kindof a dampener. A smaller
icon or better still, a stitched-on logo(for easy removal) would have been better.

The meet was much more than I'd expected. The ambience was great. It felt great to be
among some really great persons. At the same time I also felt a sense of accomplishment.
I always thought I was a total amateur in this field. There were guys here with less than a
month of blogging experience, and one who'd written just two posts(one for the last meet
and one for today's!).
I didn't get to thank the indiblogger team for organising such a wonderful blogger meet. I
will email them though :-)

Already waiting for another bigger, fun filled blogger meet.

Blog Hyderabad, Blog!!!


Yogesh Patel said...

The meet was cool, here is in depth details of the meet with pictures, suggestion http://www.onlinetipsblog.com/univercell-indiblogger-meet-hyderabad-2010-pics-review/

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

yea...awsum meet!! njoyd d blogger aura!! n m super glad dat i cn see maself in dis pic....thnx pal!

Aziz Siddiqui said...

No probs.... I got it from another blog! the guy who shot the picture from a stool.
btw I remember two fashion students from the meet. Which one are you?

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

gues i was d tiniest one der...strikes a chord??

Aziz Siddiqui said...

ya....I remember :-)
No offence but I almost thought you were a school kid or somethn.
I'm no biggie either and had a complex too...
You in NIFT?

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

m mistaken 4 tat,way too often ...so no probs! yea m in NIFT..

Arc Lamp said...

Nice.. review.. thanks for sharing...

satya_eee1 said...

that was indeed a nice review.. I really enjoyed the meet and looking forward to another meet next year...

aBhiShEk said...

Thanks for clicking me during my intro buddy!!!5th pic its me speaking!!!

Had a Great time too!!

Thanks again!

Aziz Siddiqui said...

Might sound odd but... the 5th pic is me eating that mini burger. I don't see you...

aBhiShEk said...

ooh!! Pardon me...that's not in here...that's in Yogesh patel's blog!! here:



Aziz Siddiqui said...

No worries.... lol

Happy Blogging!!!

maverick_12210 said...

Hi Aziz, Ali Here, - hope you remember me - i was The Xoogler :)

Awesome review :), looking forward to attending more blog meets like these,

Let's stay in touch



Aziz Siddiqui said...

Of course I remember you!!!
Thanks... I wrote it in haste.
See ya around!

विजयप्रकाश said...

Hi Aziz, your write up is witty & good.i like the writing style.keep it up

Aparajita Paul said...

Oh damn. Wish I had a blogmeet of this kind in my city too ='(

Aziz Siddiqui said...

@Aparajita: If you're in the US of A(you profile says so), there outta be blogger meets everywhere!
Thanks for the comment btw.
Your blogs are awesome, I could never write such English :-)

avinash.pudota said...

good... glad to see my photo here