April 4, 2010

In a nutshell

Manuguru as ever, was hot as hell and unbearably humid. I started on 26th with Saba who'd just finished with her inter boards. Saba had about 4 days before her EAMCET coaching started, and Saba wanted to "chill"(pun totally intended).

The rusty old fans in trains do total injustice to the Upper berths by pushing all air to the lower ones that already have windows for ventilation. I sweated and cursed my way to manuguru.
There were more surprises waiting there. The sunlight hurt my eyes. the heat was oppressive, no friends there, the speakers were'nt working, my laptop was running on goddamned linux... I thought wow.

But then there was the huge Desert cooler in my room. It drank water like a starved camel but it was probably the reason my head was saved from frying(of heat and boredom).
One, two... days went by, I did some errands for the house. Threw about a quintal of junk from our days at the school(ya,one moves on).

Day before yesterday, went on a drive by to a village about 20kms from our place. Called
Mamili. something, Dad's been frequenting this village for his philanthropy drives. Lots of underpriviliged souls there... and totto ignorance. Dad gave me a stern warning never to take friends there or worse, go alone coz apparently age old dark traditions are still common there. creepy...

We then stopped by the crossing near the manuguru tracks and took pictures. All the while we got odd stares from the surrounding folk. And Dad's binaculors wasn't helping....

At home I set out to repair my wrecked M&S watch. I'd tried to get it fixed at a shop in hyderabad but the gears were apparently damaged beyond repair. I hit upon an idea to replace the whole unit from the watch. First I dismantled my old fastrack from which I'd moved on about a year ago(take that!). After an hour of hair plucking effort, I failed. This one had broken battery contacts I'd missed. Then I got evil! I wrecked my sister's Q&Q and all went well until the M&S hands refused to fit on the relatively smaller unit. I had to make do with the tiny golden hands from the smaller watch. The whole experiment went well, except my watch now looks hideous. And Saba now owns my Columbia chrono. Not for long, bacchi...

And ya, this was the only trip in 4 years where I spent all my time at home and didn't meet even a single bloke. I went around the colony on my bike for some air and that's about it. Mom was glad !

Sweated and chugged my way back on our "manuguru express" on Friday.

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