October 30, 2015

Jugaad: DIY Easel

I bought a large size canvas board couple of months ago but was not able to start painting due to the lack of a good easel. All my attempts at oil painting have been on paper no more than 8x12 in size!

Instead of buying a new easel I decided to make one myself using a camera tripod that's been lying around useless at home.

Things used:
- Vanguard camera tripod
- Ceiling fan mounts (pictured below)
- A wood clamp
- Pliers or small spanner
- Scotch tape

 I marked a height on the tripod and put scotch tape over the location to prevent scratches from the mounts.

I then screwed on the mounts making sure there was room on both sides to hold the canvas in place.

I placed the canvas on the tripod and used a clamp to secure it to the camera head on top. Done!

I'll post an update on how the rig performs later. One thing I can notice right away is the angle is too steep. The board is almost vertical.