May 26, 2010

TranceUpdate: into reason

Trance 7 by Armada will remain one of my favorite compilations with tracks including Poppiholla ans Iselilja. I discovered another gem today: Crash into reason by Tritonal.

May 17, 2010

Drip and miss

Water...when I got my Lumix camera, one of the first things I did experimenting with it was shooting water pictures. it's hard synchronising shots with
the camera in one hand and the props(batteries, tomatoes...) in the other. I managed it somehow largely owing it to thecompact build of the cam. The results were pretty good.

This time howewer, there was no way I was going to do that. Sony's too heavy for me and accessories such as flash and remote are still a long way off. So I enlisted my sister's help to hold a bottle of water over a water tub as I tried to catch a drop falling. No fancy equipment colored backgrounds, no wireless strobes, no syncing. Just plain old luck.... and it didn't work. I was either too fast clicking the shutter, or too late.

Guess it'll take time getting the hang of the focussing system, the lens just woudn't focus on water. I tried focussing manually but the shots came out blurry. Here are a few decent attempts, couldnt get the droplet....will try again. As is evident all photos are post-drop, showing the waves.

May 16, 2010

Let the fun begin...

I waited two months to get my hands on it. It arrived right in the middle of exams! Try as I did to keep my eyes off it, I'd often give up and spend some time with it. Didn't get to do full photoshoots with it though. Now that exams are over, I have all the time in the World.

A quick recap: I bought my Sony A200 from Dubai from a website my cousin had suggested. The price was a killer and I almost wondered if I was being taken for a ride. All doubts were cleared when it finally arrived. The piece is as good as new except for a few creaks and noises here and there.

The specs include an APS-C 10.2 megapixel sensor, 18-70mm kit lens and other standard entry level features. The camera is quite heavy(maybe because it's the first time I held one) for it's plastic body. I donno if it's just me but the button placement seemed really odd. The ISO button

To 'write' a review, one needs extensive hands on experience of other cameras of the genre. This being my first I can only summarize a few impressions. Peeking through a viewfinder is something I haven't done in a long time. The last time was years ago on my KB10. A200 has no live view meaning I'm left with the viewfinder for framing, be it macros or difficult angles. Assuming weird positions and clicking away is not exactly my cup of tea so let's see how it goes...

No long posts for now...

May 14, 2010

The Last battle : Sweet freshness

I've whined enough about ruined exams, bad days at college, and bad life in general. Today was a better day. Exam went good, I wrote an extra question just for the heck of it. Being the last exam of my whole Engineering life it gave me the pleasure and
anticipation that precedes a rocket launch. As I ticked off each question on the question paper like a reverse launch countdown, waves of high pitched screaming could already be heard in the hallways. At exactly 5pm-launch! Nature sent a cool respite in the form of torrents of rain that
brought cheer all around, a gift to the students for toiling in it's wrath for the past one week.

All well that end's well.... atleast till the results arrive.

May 12, 2010

The Last Battle: Lost already

Exam: Design Patterns

Chaos theory: there's a Pattern to everything. Everything good or bad happens for a reason.

Life takes a long drive into oblivion. Happens for a reason.
You end up in a hell hole. Happens for a reason.
Fell sick on the most important day of my life....EAMCET. Percentage went down through a whirpool in Engineering. Applied for a passport almost an year ago.... Status page still empty. Tried applying for CEED. Missed deadline by hours.

Today was nothing new. After a gruelling 12 hour study and early morning revision, I went with hope in my heart. Missed two units but they weren't important(or so I thought). At my usual spot behind the main building where I study, I did something new today. I spread some newspapers and lay down. Waves of sleep came splashing. managed about a third of my revision before heading to canteen for a drink.

The exam started on time and I was grappling for breath in no time. My head was empty, nothing came. Blank. Zero.
One quick review of the paper and it hit me.... the two units I'd missed. and some odd questions I'd given the boot...they were all there. As if the paper was made for me.
Bottle upon bottle of water we gulped down(thirst reigned supreme). Even the unconventional methods were ...ahem ... given a try. Nothing.

Came home sad again.

Everything Happens for a reason: I'm effing unlucky. That's the reason

May 10, 2010

The Last Battle: 33% complete

Exam: Management Science

Management science was this semester's "Mega-bore" subject. Like MEFA, ES and SPM, it had a huge overdose of a particular set of words, including "productivity", "performance", "personnel" and of course, "management"! The trick to score better marks is to make ample use of the above words to fill up as many pages as possible. I opened my texbook and was overwhelmed by the number of subheadings for each topic. May sound cheap but that's the way it works here... the right subheadings and crap content.

As expected our college arranged buses in the morning hours only and we were expected to sit out 5 hours in the friggin sun before the exam started at 2. Was expecting one of my friends to bring his Car... Guess they didn't want to miss out on one hour of precious study driving. I managed to study till 12, then grabbed a quick drink at the canteen before heading for Namaz. Exam started on time and went ok. the paper was a stunner but I didn't know much anyway...managed to write all 5 questions using a combination of above said words.

1/3 of my last series of exams finished. Two more to go...

May 2, 2010

TranceUpdate: Gloomy Bliss

Rotary by Ellen Ellien and Apparat, again from Zabiela's Essential Mix, is a totto treat. Gloomy and with the right beats, this track made my day!

It makes it to my TranceOfFame folder too!