May 10, 2010

The Last Battle: 33% complete

Exam: Management Science

Management science was this semester's "Mega-bore" subject. Like MEFA, ES and SPM, it had a huge overdose of a particular set of words, including "productivity", "performance", "personnel" and of course, "management"! The trick to score better marks is to make ample use of the above words to fill up as many pages as possible. I opened my texbook and was overwhelmed by the number of subheadings for each topic. May sound cheap but that's the way it works here... the right subheadings and crap content.

As expected our college arranged buses in the morning hours only and we were expected to sit out 5 hours in the friggin sun before the exam started at 2. Was expecting one of my friends to bring his Car... Guess they didn't want to miss out on one hour of precious study driving. I managed to study till 12, then grabbed a quick drink at the canteen before heading for Namaz. Exam started on time and went ok. the paper was a stunner but I didn't know much anyway...managed to write all 5 questions using a combination of above said words.

1/3 of my last series of exams finished. Two more to go...

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