June 27, 2012

Lumia : Design masterpiece, UI marvel

I could never hope to get my hands on a smartphone(after my crazy expenses this year), let alone a Lumia. Then an ever helpful friend Manish, from Office stepped in and bought one off Flipkart for me! 

Why Lumia 800? : One word. Design!

I have always been a fan of elegant, minimalist design this device is an epitome of all that is simplistic yet elegant. A straight pick up of the iconic but ill fated Nokia N9, this one differs only in the screen real estate - losing 54 horizontal lines to make way for 3 capacitive buttons.

What better place to get better specs info this here!

The box itself is a no-frills hard cardboard unit with a slide out arrangement for the handset and other stuff

Minimal. Beautiful.

The phone's a beauty to hold. The eyephones and Galaxies cannot hold a candle to this one when it comes to pure Industrial design. Now since there a re a million reviews and videos of this phone already, I'll end the description right here and let the subtitles and a 2 minute video do the talking(and yes, I'm getting really lazy with writing these days).

3.5mm headphone jack and the USB port+SIM slot sit flush with the body

8MP camera with Zeiss
optics: My biggest complaint about the device. It plain sucks
But hey, there's dual LED flashlight FTW!

Weight is a tad on the higher side... no qualms though. adds to the whole appeal

Screen is a beauty. You
cant tell where it meets the bezel...the black levels are that great

users have complained of
the flimsy door to the USB port. I haven't(till I break it maybe)

Even the speaker holes are machined! Beat that.

Lock screen. That wallpaper is the view from office

The software will require another post. Coming soon.

June 17, 2012

Bloggin in the rain!

I'm sitting in the balcony. The rain has now reduced to a slight drizzle, the heavenly breeze carrying the droplets and gently caressing me in its heavenly chill. The power is off, the ever erratic transformers giving up again. The darkness is almost complete save for the smoggy orange sky and the occasional yellow light of a passing motorcycle. I quickly run a beam of flashlight from across the railing- my bike, which I forgot to cover today, glistens in the light; the beam then passing the street which is now a river like stream as the water swiftly goes downtown. The sound of water as it drops through to the ground from terraces and balconies, is the only sound in the silent night- no man made sound to disturb the harmonic symphony of nature. I'm not wearing my earphones now... no trance music can beat this.period. I remember how as a kid I used to prop myself against the bedroom window and stare out at the world outside.

I'd scribble in a diary then. I am now staring at a 800cd display writing this post.
People change. Lifestyles change. That shiver that runs down your spine in a downpour, the smell of mud... that feeling- that'll never change.

Rain makes everything so beautiful.  

(Written in Evernote on Lumia 800 )

June 16, 2012

Weakend - Again

I knew this was going to happen. Friends and family alike have hinted at this. The last time I blogged was on May 15... a mere blogit.

I can't blame it all on my job... touchwood it has been very kind. I simply don;t get time these days to sit on my computer at home (read migraine).

There haven't been any major updates save for a couple of 'big' purchases i made int the last couple of months. Lazy bum that I am...I'm yet to get plates for my bike...and lying low and hiding is not option when you're driving that thing on the road. heck I'm getting stares even from old guys.

Last friday was a holiday after my company crossed a billion in revenue. yayy for a holiday! So I spent the friday night watching V for vendetta. Again, watching streaming movies on a 22 incher with the pixels showing kind of killed the experience. But Hugo's charismatic voice screaming through the speakers was a ehh..sound to behold!

Felt great waking up late on friday and offering prayers at the local mosque. I don't remember what I did on saturday. I tried.

Atir called on sunday for a meet up. Been really long since we'd met. Praveen and Juber were informed. Asif threw the usual tantrums before giving in.

I collected my bike from Honda service at aroun 4.30(I sat through the whole thing after being told the guys have a knack for breaking bikes) and was to Secretariat after picking up Juber. Atir and Praveen were waiting there.

We settled down in the lawn oppsite the neckalce road station, which incidentally, is the exact spot we sat at last year. Asif called from nearby and hurled abuse once again when we told him to catch another auto to our place. He was with us 10 minutes.

After the usual catch up, we discussed possible places for dinner and no good ideas came forward. We settled for Inam's...again! Mini platter and a boston tenderloin steak later, we zoomed off to Temptations for some ice cream.

The guys then took turns trying out my new bike. Atir suggested a quick trip to Gachibowli but we wrote it off...next day's office was playing spoilsport to our spirits already.

We dropped Asif at Secunderabad and dispersed. Over.

It took me two weeks to write this post. Bad.

And oh... I got my new Lumia on monday. Here's a quick look:

Looking forward to writing more from now on.