June 27, 2012

Lumia : Design masterpiece, UI marvel

I could never hope to get my hands on a smartphone(after my crazy expenses this year), let alone a Lumia. Then an ever helpful friend Manish, from Office stepped in and bought one off Flipkart for me! 

Why Lumia 800? : One word. Design!

I have always been a fan of elegant, minimalist design this device is an epitome of all that is simplistic yet elegant. A straight pick up of the iconic but ill fated Nokia N9, this one differs only in the screen real estate - losing 54 horizontal lines to make way for 3 capacitive buttons.

What better place to get better specs info this here!

The box itself is a no-frills hard cardboard unit with a slide out arrangement for the handset and other stuff

Minimal. Beautiful.

The phone's a beauty to hold. The eyephones and Galaxies cannot hold a candle to this one when it comes to pure Industrial design. Now since there a re a million reviews and videos of this phone already, I'll end the description right here and let the subtitles and a 2 minute video do the talking(and yes, I'm getting really lazy with writing these days).

3.5mm headphone jack and the USB port+SIM slot sit flush with the body

8MP camera with Zeiss
optics: My biggest complaint about the device. It plain sucks
But hey, there's dual LED flashlight FTW!

Weight is a tad on the higher side... no qualms though. adds to the whole appeal

Screen is a beauty. You
cant tell where it meets the bezel...the black levels are that great

users have complained of
the flimsy door to the USB port. I haven't(till I break it maybe)

Even the speaker holes are machined! Beat that.

Lock screen. That wallpaper is the view from office

The software will require another post. Coming soon.

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