June 17, 2012

Bloggin in the rain!

I'm sitting in the balcony. The rain has now reduced to a slight drizzle, the heavenly breeze carrying the droplets and gently caressing me in its heavenly chill. The power is off, the ever erratic transformers giving up again. The darkness is almost complete save for the smoggy orange sky and the occasional yellow light of a passing motorcycle. I quickly run a beam of flashlight from across the railing- my bike, which I forgot to cover today, glistens in the light; the beam then passing the street which is now a river like stream as the water swiftly goes downtown. The sound of water as it drops through to the ground from terraces and balconies, is the only sound in the silent night- no man made sound to disturb the harmonic symphony of nature. I'm not wearing my earphones now... no trance music can beat this.period. I remember how as a kid I used to prop myself against the bedroom window and stare out at the world outside.

I'd scribble in a diary then. I am now staring at a 800cd display writing this post.
People change. Lifestyles change. That shiver that runs down your spine in a downpour, the smell of mud... that feeling- that'll never change.

Rain makes everything so beautiful.  

(Written in Evernote on Lumia 800 )


Kriti said...

:-). Rains are the best times to just forget every thing.......and just getting lost in our world of dreams.

Blogger said...

Sprinter - Dark War