January 28, 2012

Photographs + Text = Posters

Some posters I made using my own photographs. Some edits to the pictures, some frutiger text and done!

Inspired by a Top Gear ad I saw in a recent Auto Magazine

I did this for a friend at work. The photograph is from Vizag - I added Edward and Bella!

This I did for our speed demon, Manish! He loved it.

January 24, 2012

You don't know me

You don't know me by Apparat is the closest thing to dope ever. Never has a track elevated me beyond realms.

There's another video of the same track with footage from weird movie Octane and it just makes the experience even more bizarre. Try it at your own risk.

January 19, 2012

Design at work: Two posters I did on music and design

For about two weeks after joining my present company, I had literally no work(wow, what days).

So, Amit my lead had this idea to keep me busy(trust managers to know a way, always)- He gave me a list of all his favorite music artistes and sports personalities and asked me to make two posters in Photoshop.

I came up with these:

Feels good to still see them at his desk after two months of his leaving the firm. Amit got in touch recently for the original PSD files so he could print wall size prints for his place in Melbourne!

January 16, 2012

I complained of no shoes...

Chilly night. I'm walking home. While office days are a quiet affair, today's is different. I work from another block for a change...and after all the great food and sinking into the new 'ambience' comes a shocker of an email.

The whole day goes poof and I'm staring at a long, dark rehab session again. After all the firefighting and
justification later I'm out of Office 1.5 hours late. Going home late is now becoming a habit...

Snap back to present! I hitch a free ride on a returning cab to Tolichowki... I walk from there(no change in pocket and sodexos don't work with autos).

I walk past a group of huge designer showrooms for women... the likes where our family folk do their wedding
shopping. I'm lost in thought and I pay no heed to the brilliant, shiny apparel that scream from the windows when I'm suddenly drawn to this woman on the sidewalk. She's covered in a burqa but I know her legs are wasted
from polio. She is quietly waiting near the steps hoping to seek alms from shopping crowd.

A car suddenly swerves into the pavement in reverse and heads straight for her. The driver(who from the look on his face is a freaking douchebag) can't see her in his rearview mirror and my screams are not helping.

The poor lady panics and scampers away using both her hands as fast as she can. She makes it just in time the car missing her by a whisker. I look at the lady who's now huffing and puffing from the ordeal and back at the driver...that scared, exhausted face and the indifferent snare, the contrast is just repulsive.  I then realise that old persian quote we were taught in school is still relevant as ever!

Image: Taken at Mehdipatnam near Sarvi Hotel. Used for illustrative purpose only. 

January 14, 2012

Sands of time

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives"

I've been meaning to do this for weeks. After the sweetest Santa ever left this wonderful gift at my desk, I was left staring at it for hours together. I had to take some pictures of this beauty! The purple sand slowly flowing through the glass, the nostalgia of old school tales and Disney and the more recent installment of Prince of Persia, hourglasses have a special place in culture.

It is perhaps the most thoughtful gift I ever got. A solid wood enclosure around perfectly moulded glass. The crystalline purple sand(resin maybe) is absolutely beautiful.  It takes two full minutes to flow down into the lower glass. Mighty useful for many tasks.

Why Nadia chose it:

"The enclosure signifies my passion in Design - simple and minimalistic. And the purple sand is for trance!"  Woah!


Trust no Future, howe'er pleasant !
Let the dead Past bury its dead !
Act,— act in the living Present !
Heart within, and God o'erhead !

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time ;

Thank you once again Nadia. This hourglass is now a permanent fixture at my desk. Forever.

It was never over!

Tiesto gave us some real great tunes before the fame and hoopla overtook him(just my opinion).

Here's one old tune that I can play a million times over and never get bored.

Innocente(falling in love) by Delerium. Tiesto Remix

Darling, when did you fall?
When was it over?
Darling, when...
When did you fall?
When was it over?

I suppose it is the price of falling in love
I suppose it is the price of falling in love

Darling, when did you call?
I couldn't hear you.
Darling, when...
When did you cry?
I couldn't hear you.

I suppose it is the price of falling in love
I suppose it is the price of falling in love

January 2, 2012

AECS Meetup 2012: Nothing's changed

The clock struck 12, the world rejoiced. We stood on the terrace and cheered - Juber, Siva, Shaukat, Asif and myself. Some rockets from a nearby building filled the sky with colors and smoke. I ran downstairs and got hold of some leftover crackers from Diwali. After the screaming and cheering died down we sat there in the cold, cloudless sky and talked. Shoukat left at about one and Asif (unable to resist a free ride home) went with him.

The rest of us retired for the night and thus ended our new year's eve celebrations.

The year end, falling on a saturday seemed like the right time for everyone to come together at one place and
catch up, so I had this brainstorm to try a 2-hour AECS get together(wow I hate this term already). I went as far as creating an event page on the ever trusty facebook and sent out invites to all my AECS friends.

There were 16 RSVPs last time I checked with some more clicking 'maybe'. There was a brief (unfounded) confusion with the event profile pic too. How easy it is to nitpick...

The day...

Juber and I went out shopping and bought everything from decoration to food. Juber even remarked I was
overspending on confectionery. Anything for my mates I thought.

Shoukat and Siva arrived first followed by Atir. It was heartening to see them meet after 6 long years.

Sandeep, who is now doing interning at Osmania Hospital called from Mehdipatnam and I guided him home. He was even more glad seeing Atir...8 years here!

Abhishek, Jaffery and Sunil called saying they'd started from ECIL and would be here in an hour. Turns out they were lying... they were giving us fake traffic updates while one of them was away on ahem...another appointment. It'd be almost 9 by the time they arrived. They played it out like a work meeting schedule.

Shyam came in a with a surprise visitor...Nagesh, our classmate from primary school.

And the girls... ok I'm wasting a few bytes of space on my blog here but here goes:
One was spending new year with her cousins and couldn't come(that was easy).
The other gave her word and later retracted because she was out with her work friends and there was no way she was 'wasting' two hours with 'us'.
The third fell 'sick' and couldn't make it but called a friend(who was at my place) for suggestions on a good restaurant for chicken one hour later!
The rest just did what they do best: look the other way.

Two reasons it didn't work:

- Since the plan was to fund the party myself, I looked for the place most  friendly on my pocket: my place! Turns out you need star hotels and conference rooms to entice people into coming.
- The other reason is quite simple. I was the host!

And oh there was one sour lemon on our side too. Apparently a party is no party without liquor.

Moving on... we had some good biryani followed with some ice cream. When I realized almost the whole group was itching to go after 10:30, I brought in the cake as well.

After the usual hugs and goodbyes, five of us were left to see 2012 in.

I didn't get a chance to click many pictures though. Here's one:

Standing from left: Jaffery, Asif, Nagesh, Shoukat.
Sitting from left: Siva, Shyam, Abhishek, Juber, Sunil, Gopi, Aziz