January 16, 2012

I complained of no shoes...

Chilly night. I'm walking home. While office days are a quiet affair, today's is different. I work from another block for a change...and after all the great food and sinking into the new 'ambience' comes a shocker of an email.

The whole day goes poof and I'm staring at a long, dark rehab session again. After all the firefighting and
justification later I'm out of Office 1.5 hours late. Going home late is now becoming a habit...

Snap back to present! I hitch a free ride on a returning cab to Tolichowki... I walk from there(no change in pocket and sodexos don't work with autos).

I walk past a group of huge designer showrooms for women... the likes where our family folk do their wedding
shopping. I'm lost in thought and I pay no heed to the brilliant, shiny apparel that scream from the windows when I'm suddenly drawn to this woman on the sidewalk. She's covered in a burqa but I know her legs are wasted
from polio. She is quietly waiting near the steps hoping to seek alms from shopping crowd.

A car suddenly swerves into the pavement in reverse and heads straight for her. The driver(who from the look on his face is a freaking douchebag) can't see her in his rearview mirror and my screams are not helping.

The poor lady panics and scampers away using both her hands as fast as she can. She makes it just in time the car missing her by a whisker. I look at the lady who's now huffing and puffing from the ordeal and back at the driver...that scared, exhausted face and the indifferent snare, the contrast is just repulsive.  I then realise that old persian quote we were taught in school is still relevant as ever!

Image: Taken at Mehdipatnam near Sarvi Hotel. Used for illustrative purpose only. 

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