December 26, 2011

The year that was: 2011 in pictures

In Mumbai for CEED 2011. In pic: With Atir at band stand, Bandra

With Atir at Gateway of India

A picture collage of the annual Numaish of Hyderabad

The road not taken: GRE and CEED

My rant on not owning a bike did nothing. All I got was praise for this image.

Things went downhill in feb. I turned down two offers..

Nayeem bhai and gang came over for some world cup action

We won the world cup and India went crazy
That flyer on the bottom right is a simple dtp job I did for a friend

May 02, 2011... I had a desk at one of the largest professional firms of the world!

Digital dream team! From left: Amit, myself, Ari and Rasik. The camera-shy Vishal is missing.

Atir's birthday. Ice cream at Temptations.

My birthday... The gulab jamuns on the bottom right were like rocks.

DTDC stole my phone and gave me a full week of stress

And then a miracle happened... 

Ramzan: the festive season arrived

I never had so much Haleem before...from Pista house to local versions. Everything.

Rain was moderate. No fun...

My trip to manuguru was the best ever.

Then the battery died on me...

Metaliica. Enough said!

Our year end party at Office. The theme was 'Beach'

The year ending with some awesome weddings

All images cross processed in Photoshop for a 'retro' feel :-)

December 24, 2011

Three years and running: Some statistics

Another year drawing to a close. A look at the right hand side menu will show my post frequency has dipped by more than 50%. While last year I logged 163 posts, this year its a puny 83(+1 now).

I've been using Statcounter for over two years now for all visitor stats and like all things free it comes with a limitation: except the summary page every other option has a limited 9 days log only.

Some excerpts below in addition to my own observations:

Readership has definitely increased, with over 14000 visits in 2011 alone. I am yet to switch the counter settings to unique hits only so only the Blue and orange graphs count are relevant.

Page hits went up during May-june period, the same time I started with my job. Most page visits were from my colleagues who, safe to assume, did not return :-p

Another peculiar pattern I observed was in a graphic I did on paint on Child Labour. Averaging about 22 visits a week, the count is now in hundreds.

And ego-surfer that I am...I'm glad to see my blog still pops up first on a google search of my name!

Enough stats. I'm now compiling a pictures-only post for the year that's been...

December 21, 2011

'Falling' in love all over again

Another scorcher after Dreamcatcher!
Falling by Andy Duguid is freaking awesome!

Haha if you clicked on the link expecting something else.

December 13, 2011

Hyderabad: A retro, android app perspective

App of the year Instagram is taking it's sweet time coming to Android but there is no dearth of good apps on app market so iphone envy be damned(for now).

I've been using Retro cam and Fxcamera for a while now on my jurassic Moto Charm and they work like a ...charm!

Some pictures shot as part of my Life in Hyderabad project. All pictures to be updated on Facebook periodically.

Camera: 3.2 mp fixed focus camera on Motorola MB500 Charm
Software: FxCamera and Retro cam