December 24, 2011

Three years and running: Some statistics

Another year drawing to a close. A look at the right hand side menu will show my post frequency has dipped by more than 50%. While last year I logged 163 posts, this year its a puny 83(+1 now).

I've been using Statcounter for over two years now for all visitor stats and like all things free it comes with a limitation: except the summary page every other option has a limited 9 days log only.

Some excerpts below in addition to my own observations:

Readership has definitely increased, with over 14000 visits in 2011 alone. I am yet to switch the counter settings to unique hits only so only the Blue and orange graphs count are relevant.

Page hits went up during May-june period, the same time I started with my job. Most page visits were from my colleagues who, safe to assume, did not return :-p

Another peculiar pattern I observed was in a graphic I did on paint on Child Labour. Averaging about 22 visits a week, the count is now in hundreds.

And ego-surfer that I am...I'm glad to see my blog still pops up first on a google search of my name!

Enough stats. I'm now compiling a pictures-only post for the year that's been...

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