November 26, 2008

Go Mobile the mobile way

If you live in Hyderabad and own a java enabled multimedia phone,
head to
and download the application.
It gives the bus routes for the given source and destination.
It's quite easy to use and only 200kb in size.
check it out

Why JNTU sucks

We jntu students are not scared of exams. We all know how crappy the Exam
pattern is. Just scan the last year question paper once and you are done. the
questions are all repeated save for a select two. Being the lazy a^&&e that i
am, i struggled through the previous year questions just one day before each
exam. Now this may seem a very easy way of scoring marks but a think a little deeper
and you get the big picture.There are over 450 JNTU colleges in Andhra Pradesh. wtf? i mean engg colleges
are popping up in every freakin town and village. This may be good(i donno
how) but the quality of education has taken a real bad dive. i doubt if even
half the colleges have enough infrastructure to even qualify for an
engineering college.Then comes the faculty. Now imagine an english lecturer writing "A bird flys"on the board. i tell you, i felt like blowing his head off.Donno hw colleges get hold of the most pea-brained faculty, even a decent
public school wudnt hire.
If u r reading this and are still in Inter, remember, if you plan on doing
engineering u better opt for a O.U college or any other university.

October 17, 2008

Dussehra blues

The eagerly awaited and now regretted dussehra holidays are now over and here i am in hyderabad gearing up for my forthcoming exams. had it not been these confounded exams , i'd have stayed at manuguru a lil longer.

I met Sashank,vijay,ajay,kalyan,ramesh and many others.

Had helluva lot of fun with Abhishek,Nirosh,Asif and...guess wat? Atir!

check out the photos in my orkut profile.

Met some VIPs too. no further comments on that!

August 31, 2008

Killer Combo?

The internet has given us an awful lot of help and an equal amount of headache. My dad, after attending a safety conference at his workplace, told us an interesting and scary incident. A boy had taken a coke and a mentos(chewee gum) together and literally blew up! Apparently the combo formed an explosive mixture and blew up the boy's stomach. yuk!
perhaps i was the only one in the house who didn't believe him, coz god knows how many times i've had a coke and mentos together. sometime ago i literally chewed on it thruout the day.
i immediately went to to check. this website has up-to -date info on internet scams and urban legends.
guess wat i found?
well a similar rumour surfaced in the US in 1978 with the same story of a kid gettin killed after taking coke and crackling gum at once.
next time you hear some hard to believe stuff, head to
The internet can be a scary place

August 28, 2008

Stale holidays here in manuguru

JNTU students are an object of envy these days. huh, no not in's the number of holidays we get that is getting the attention.we have a total of 40 holidays a semester, unheard of anywhere else. Of course only the"all-clear" students actually enjoy these holidays.So here i am in Manuguru spending my time doing nothing. I don't know what scientific anamoly this place is but by god it's hotter than the sahara. in August!
Only Asif and Avinash are here. siva went back to sattupaly yesterday.We're spending time hangin out at tank bund and occasioally going to aswapuram for some pani-puri.
I had planned on some serios study on web-design during the holidays and even got a couple of new textbooks but i'm yet to open one.
The climate here plays spoilsport to everythin. recently the Independance day celebrations by our school AECS Manuguru was effected due to heavy about timing!
for the first time ever, i feel like going back to Hyderabad. U just can't get bored over there. dats a bet.

campus Fest

All you tech junkies looking for a great place to check out upcoming tech events,
head to

August 19, 2008

Science Exhibition was crap

Science Exhibitions held at AECS schools are known to be very innovative and fun. A fine show of talents from various parts of the country. I have myself participated in many including a national level exhibition in mumbai.
I attended the national exhibition held by AECS manuguru today and was astounded. it sucked! to the core.
crappy projects, dumb administration and and sleepy participants made for a really forgettable experience today.
my sis told me there's some political standoff b/w teachers at the school,
the losers at the end are the poooor students.
god save AECS manuguru

August 17, 2008

eGT went well !

On 15 august, on the eve of independance day, we conducted our first round of online get-together on yahoo. though only 12 or so participated, it was quite a conference !

eGT got off exactly at 1550 hrs with only myself, bharat and vaishnavi. vaishnavi logged in first.

Despite being the only girl in our conference, she did pretty well. Her effort is appreciated. Shame on everyone else. c'mon it wasn't a space mission, was it?

things looked bleak in the behinning with only three of us online for the first 20 minute or so, and then slowly more joined in. vidya sagar, gopi, nitin,abhishek, karthik and others.

hemlata Chetram was our surprise entry that day, but she logged out soon after karthik got a little too interested in her.

Abhishek did a good job of keepin everyone laughin their heads off.

Rakesh,shiva, and Juber participated but did'nt actly log in.

April 13, 2008

Latest Music

for the hottest and the latest in bollywood music log on to
all the music downloads are in Rm format and need Realplayer to play.

Also available here are tons of other goodies including wallpapers, ringtones and other fun stuff