August 17, 2008

eGT went well !

On 15 august, on the eve of independance day, we conducted our first round of online get-together on yahoo. though only 12 or so participated, it was quite a conference !

eGT got off exactly at 1550 hrs with only myself, bharat and vaishnavi. vaishnavi logged in first.

Despite being the only girl in our conference, she did pretty well. Her effort is appreciated. Shame on everyone else. c'mon it wasn't a space mission, was it?

things looked bleak in the behinning with only three of us online for the first 20 minute or so, and then slowly more joined in. vidya sagar, gopi, nitin,abhishek, karthik and others.

hemlata Chetram was our surprise entry that day, but she logged out soon after karthik got a little too interested in her.

Abhishek did a good job of keepin everyone laughin their heads off.

Rakesh,shiva, and Juber participated but did'nt actly log in.

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