August 31, 2008

Killer Combo?

The internet has given us an awful lot of help and an equal amount of headache. My dad, after attending a safety conference at his workplace, told us an interesting and scary incident. A boy had taken a coke and a mentos(chewee gum) together and literally blew up! Apparently the combo formed an explosive mixture and blew up the boy's stomach. yuk!
perhaps i was the only one in the house who didn't believe him, coz god knows how many times i've had a coke and mentos together. sometime ago i literally chewed on it thruout the day.
i immediately went to to check. this website has up-to -date info on internet scams and urban legends.
guess wat i found?
well a similar rumour surfaced in the US in 1978 with the same story of a kid gettin killed after taking coke and crackling gum at once.
next time you hear some hard to believe stuff, head to
The internet can be a scary place

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