May 17, 2010

Drip and miss

Water...when I got my Lumix camera, one of the first things I did experimenting with it was shooting water pictures. it's hard synchronising shots with
the camera in one hand and the props(batteries, tomatoes...) in the other. I managed it somehow largely owing it to thecompact build of the cam. The results were pretty good.

This time howewer, there was no way I was going to do that. Sony's too heavy for me and accessories such as flash and remote are still a long way off. So I enlisted my sister's help to hold a bottle of water over a water tub as I tried to catch a drop falling. No fancy equipment colored backgrounds, no wireless strobes, no syncing. Just plain old luck.... and it didn't work. I was either too fast clicking the shutter, or too late.

Guess it'll take time getting the hang of the focussing system, the lens just woudn't focus on water. I tried focussing manually but the shots came out blurry. Here are a few decent attempts, couldnt get the droplet....will try again. As is evident all photos are post-drop, showing the waves.