May 12, 2010

The Last Battle: Lost already

Exam: Design Patterns

Chaos theory: there's a Pattern to everything. Everything good or bad happens for a reason.

Life takes a long drive into oblivion. Happens for a reason.
You end up in a hell hole. Happens for a reason.
Fell sick on the most important day of my life....EAMCET. Percentage went down through a whirpool in Engineering. Applied for a passport almost an year ago.... Status page still empty. Tried applying for CEED. Missed deadline by hours.

Today was nothing new. After a gruelling 12 hour study and early morning revision, I went with hope in my heart. Missed two units but they weren't important(or so I thought). At my usual spot behind the main building where I study, I did something new today. I spread some newspapers and lay down. Waves of sleep came splashing. managed about a third of my revision before heading to canteen for a drink.

The exam started on time and I was grappling for breath in no time. My head was empty, nothing came. Blank. Zero.
One quick review of the paper and it hit me.... the two units I'd missed. and some odd questions I'd given the boot...they were all there. As if the paper was made for me.
Bottle upon bottle of water we gulped down(thirst reigned supreme). Even the unconventional methods were ...ahem ... given a try. Nothing.

Came home sad again.

Everything Happens for a reason: I'm effing unlucky. That's the reason


atir said...

expect the unexpected.thats how it goes with us atleast.dont worry bro.its jntu.anything is possible.u may top if luck favors u

Aziz Siddiqui said...

Dude you're missing my point! I was born with zero and I mean ZERO luck reserves1