April 29, 2010

Zuban ko lagam do

It take guts to ask a project supervisor how much he earns a month. A guy in my class did just that and surprisingly, got an answer when a blast of rage couldnt have been too far off. I was mulling over this when I realised I've witnessed similar events from all walks of life :

-It takes an equal amount of shamelessness to make fun of someone, in his absence. A routine that is considered uhh... normal for the other gender(no offence), it is now common to see guys laughing their heads off on anything from attitude issues to physical traits. And one area where it really puts me off is when students take sides on religious issues.

-I was in Warangal last month attending a workshop on Automotive Design. The speaker handed out rims of white paper for the students to practice on, we were supposed to take 10 sheets and pass the rest of the bunch. The guy sitting beside me nonchalantly helped himself to a handful, maybe 50 or more and slid them into his bag. While it may not amount to much damage, it still is very cheap.

-Then there is this inherent trait we're all so familiar with: breaking lines. A guy walked into an ATM cutting through a long line and mumbled some lame excuse when confronted. Line at railway counter? No sir. Impatience is "in". A minor glitch in a theatre projector and the popcorn starts flying, a slow vehicle and the horns start wailing in no time. From the other end though, the system itself has done it's bit to ensure chaos. Passports take forever(1 year in my case), our judicial system is a sick joke, the roads have more craters than the moon...

-Long ago in school : A girl tried telling her friends a story. Bang in the middle of her narrative, another girl interrupted it with "Chal chod! Pata hai...". The obviously embarassed girl gave in. And before any comments drop on "intrusion", I was sitting one bench across and there was no way I could miss it unless I was wearing blackened glasses and industrial earbuds.

-Garden disputes are very common. A lady, who'd caught a 10 year old stealing mangoes from her orchard, beat him real bad and called him "Labour class" . Wretched thing, she was lucky to have made it out unscathed through the ordeal. We've heard of murders for less.

-Food.... Where do I begin. Ever hear that chomp chomp of food or the loud slurrrrrrp of tea that immediately turns the stomach over? Or worse, some guy sneezing onto the whole friggin spread! Dining table ethics is one subject we're totally "pappu" about.

And ya, I'm not perfect either. Nobody is. My brother pointed out I talk too loudly sometimes. I can't focus sometimes no matter how pressing the situation. And I lose my temper a little too easily.That I can attribute to my fried CPU but then who's gonna believe me?
It has been rightly said, manners and ethics are things that can only be "programmed" in the early stages of life. As age progresses the program files move to main memory and all interfaces are done away with.

I found this funny collection on cracked on pesonality issues:

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