April 5, 2009

Back to the past

Yug badla badla hindustan....

Remember this catchy tune? The theme music of "YUG", a TV show aired on DD during the 1990s.
Back when I was a kid I was oblivious to the actual content of these shows but some things like that lovely Rasna Ad or "miley sur mera..." somehow got into my long term memory.

Thanks to the internet, I found most of those videos on ddnational.blogspot.com
Watching these videos makes me nostalgic.

I also found all the episodes of my favorite Disney show "Talespin" on youtube. How I enjoyed it as a Kid !
Also in my list are Duck Tales and Aladdin.

I am not done yet. My favorite songs as a kid "Mona re..." , "kya surat hai" by Bombay Vikings
and "Noorie" by Bally Sagoo. Check them out on youtube.

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