April 20, 2009

DIY laptop cooler

My HP 2133's getting so hot, I could probably iron a shirt or two with it. The heat was getting so unbearable I knew I had to do something about it. The metal exterior of the HP is geeting warm even when the power is off.
Laptop coolers are selling well these days and I saw quite a few at CTC on my last visit. They come fittted with two fans that blow the warm air out thru side vents. Now lazy that I am and given the acute need for a cooling solution I found a rather cheap but effective method. Read on.

Passive Cooling : In passive cooling, we cool a hot body, for instance a processor using a large surface area on the heatsink and no fans. U might have seen some graphics card that have 'passive' in their unit names. They use bigger alumnium heatsinks for heat dissipation and do away with fans.

Guess what I used to passive cool my laptop, an aluminuim cooking vessel !
I used it for an hour or so and found that it absorbed most of the heat from the laptop(the flat 2133 bottom fits perfectly to the vessel base). It sure looks odd but serves my purpose.
Wish I could do some benchmark tests to measure the increase in performance. Knowing 2133, It's better not to coz the results won't impress anyway. My highly tweaked xp is limping along.

Here's how it looks. An odd combination isn't it?

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