April 23, 2009

Run and u'll never escape...

Like I said before I need distractions during examinations and what better way to spend(waste) time than movies.
I opened IMDB and scanned the top 250 list.
Bored that I was I decided to go for Cidade de Deus(City of God),a Brazilian movie by Fernando Meirelles on gang warfare and drugs.

First things first. I didn't like it. Car chases,gun fights, stunts are all fine, but this movie has violence that can make your stomach churn. We have a gangster who's just caught two little kids about eight years in age,stealing his dope. He shoots one in the heart and the other in the leg so that he can tell the others. Outright disgusting. Drugs,booze and violence(truckloads of it) make this movie. Of course there is this story of the buddng photgrapher who's seen it all. The streets of brazil, he sweaty,unkempt gangs,muggings,killings,deals -hell,
can this be happening for real? apparently it is - and a lot worse at that. The movie does not show a burning tire excution. Thank God.

City of God is actually a city that god forgot about and the devil took over.
Ok, enough ranting. Actually the movie is beautifully shot with excellent camerawork. the story is OK too.It won some 45 awards and is featured in some very prominent lists including top 100 movies of all time by TIME. It's just that I am not into 'reality' movies. I'd rather watch Matrix. After all movies are for entertainment, let's leave the real stuff to Nat Geo.

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