April 8, 2009

Next is what?

Third year of Engineering is coming to an end. one more year to go and I am free. Wait a sec,free?
Of course, there's no Job waiting given my average scores and skillset. When students from the like of Anna University are biting the dust, we have a
chance in hell of getting a job.

what then? Higher Studies. As if graduation was not enough, heavy compettion is forcing us into even more of this study crap.
USA is the favorite destination for HS.Looks like every family's got one or two there. I heard from my cousin that in his college almost everybody was
Telugu! English was nowhere to be heard.

Now the United States is kicking the Indians' hindquarters as is evident from the fall in GRE applications. Which leaves us with little choice.
UK and Australia are expensive and the other countries not favorable.
I was never thinking of these anyway. Saudi Arabia is my destination.KFUPM to be precise.

Long shots,don't you think? let's leave it fate(never helped me much AAMOF)

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