April 18, 2009

woh weekends

It's saturday. I used to spend weekends hanging out with my friends,but that was long ago.
A movie at Prasads,Biryani at prince,a delicious lassi and ice cream for dessert. Why aren't going out now? The last time I remember going to a movie was in the last semester. My friends seem to have grown up- into uncles.Two years ago we used to look for excuses to meet. "Abey kal second sat hai,movie chaltay hai,night out kartey hai". As if one movie was not enough we used to watch 3 rented CDs in a row. In manuguru we used to go to the nearby river to chill out.
All that has changed. "I guess everyone's trying to move on" a friend quotes.
Sure as hell they are.

One thing's for sure- everyone's got new friends.Of course everyone make friends in a long course such as engg -but not me. I never thought it necessary. Or maybe I am too much of an a@# to have friends.

change is the only constant and I found it the hard way. The worst part is there's one more year to go.

can't wait to see what's in store.

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