April 28, 2009

Exam 1

Exam: Human computer Interaction

With each passing moment my heart beats faster, sweat trickles down my forehead. I am nervous, five minutes for the exam to start...
The invigilator is shuffling the answer booklets, the question papers haven't arrived. We all wait with bated breath for the dreaded yellow envelope.
I check my watch. Three hours and the torture will be over.
I spent the whole last night in front of books. Still I am nervous,why? 400 pages of technical jargon and 8 hrs to study,dats why.
I wonder if I remember atleast 10 % of what I read.
At last the question paper arrives. I scan thru it, mashaallah I know 5 ! I fill the OMR sheet which takes a good 10 minutes and start with the first question. I try to write in my best handwriting, I take care with with each word. I draw neat diagrams and when I am done I realise I took over 45 minutes to answer one question ! 4 more to go ! second question takes another 40.
Now I am panicking, I not paying attention to my writing at all,
I finish the paper just in time for the warning bell. Never took this late to write a paper. I submit the paper and step outside to the inviting cool breeze. One exam down, five to go.

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