April 13, 2009

corba what?

"are you waiting for a miracle?
as the icecaps melt away..."

Of course I am. Lab exam on Friday and I donno for s@#$ what CORBA is. Wasted the whole day sleeping, I am hungry now. Last time I had rice was yesterday evening.
No contact with friends.Everyone's busy,so much so they're not answering their phones. Yesterday's trip to Miyapur has taken it's toll-as expected.
Headache is at an all-time high. That i can live with. The sad part is that no one has a fu@#$g clue what it feels like.
The election heat is gaining momentum and political clashes and scuffles seem imminent. Need to be more careful now.
On the brighter side, exams end on may 12. I'll spend the holidays in Manuguru. No place like it, I tell you.

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