May 13, 2009

TechEd Day 1

Teched Day 1

I catch the 6:40 MMTS from Lakdikapul and reach hitech City at around 7:15. I have no idea which way to go. I take a wrong road that seems to be going to some newly built apartments, turn back and at last hitch a ride to the Cyber towers. Walk over to the Hitex charminar and catch another auto. Ha, at HICC finally. Perhaps I am the only one attending the event like that. How I wish I had a bike.

I collect my Pass at the registration desk and go in. My fears seem to have come true. I see company ID cards everywhere. Infosys,microsoft,TCS, Wipro you name it.
NO students. None at all. I bump into a young guy working as an assistant manager at ICICI.He's not from the It field but here to get 'inspired' among 'great minds'.
Just when I start losing hope, I spot this guy in a black t-shirt ,ruffled hair and young face. I immediately approach him. Turns out he is a third year student from VIT. I heave a sigh of relief. We enter the hall and wait with bated breath. Agnee performs with some really lame lyrics "jee le baby...". whatever.

Here comes Steeeeve!!!!
We all scream in unison. He starts off his keynote with recession as his theme and goes on to assure us the economic slump can in no way hamper IT. IT matters more than ever before
The photographers go crazy snapping away and mask steve in flash light thruout his speech. Steve ends his address with a very entertaining q&a session.
Before attending I was very bothered about the amount of money i'd spent. Now it is clear it was money well spent. Steve Ballmer has made it worthwhile.

The first session starts after a small break. It is by none other than Stephen walther. The same guy who wrote the best selling ASP unleashed and other books.
I already recognise him in the lobby long before the programme. I am too scared to
go up and talk(what would I talk about nyway). some other guys cash in on the oppurtunity. His session is excellent although I admit most of it went over my head.

Have lunch after that and reach late for our second session. five minutes into the lecture and I know I'm in the wrong hall. TFS(team oundation server) is a name i've never heard before so I just keep low so no one sees my baffled face.

This headache of mine is already at it's peak and I decide to leave. The return journey is rather painful. feels like u're inhaling through a hair dryer.

some pics below

The venue: Hyderabad International Convention center

Setting up the stage

that's Steve Ballmer!!!

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