May 8, 2009

vMeet : after a real long time

It's thursday,07 May. No Exam till 12. Some calls and we're off. Nitin and I reach Tsnk Bund first. Take a few pictures as we wait. I click away merrily unaware of the dying charge on my phone. Below are some of the better ones.

Juber comes very late at about 7:30 and the rest take half an hour more to arrive. We
walk to Lumbini and chillout for a while. I want to take a ferry ride but no one seems interested.light pockets i prob. By now my phone is down. Call it my ignorance or bad luck,but my phone seems to let me down all the time.

We then head to Ching hua at basheerbagh for dinner. some pics below.

By the time we finish it's already 10:30. We then take turns trying out bikes(praveen's cbz extreme and sunil's pulsar) on Necklace road. I find it especially
thrilling coz I've never ridden a bike in Hyderabad before :(

We 'school disperse' around 11:30.

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