May 21, 2009


Asif is applying for a passport and needs a residential address certificate or something since he doens'nt have a ration card so we go to the MRO office at Aswapuram. The place reminds me of Dad's village. Rusty old furniture, the old paint job and who can miss those stacks of record papers that hold god knows what.
Asif finishes his enquiries and we start back.
Then Asif goes "Why don't we go to the check dam again?"
It's boring at home anyway. No friends to hang out with.mmmmm....
We grab a bottle of mineral water and we're off.The sky is overcast. If it starts raining, we're done for. The katcha road will surely ruin my bike. Add to that no phone connectivity. We may end up stranded.
We go anyway,the sense of adventure notwithstanding.

The dam is now very dry with no overflowing water. the sight is pretty awesome anyway. The place is deserted save for a couple of kids looking for fish. Asif's amazed at the sheer length of the dam(I've been here donno how many times). He wants to walk over to other side. Easier said than done. We walk a little and settle down somewhere in between.

The water is pretty deep. The other side has rocks everywhere with stagnant water in between.There are several very deep areas here too. It's getting very windy now, a sure sign of rain. Not a good idea standing on a 2 metre wide dam with death on both sides, in this weather. So we head back to my bike. Thank god it's still 3:00. A little late and the returning cattle will prove to be a real pain. We stop by some fields to click some pictures of the grazing cattle.

All this might surely sound a little exxagerated or boring but hey it's all we got. Manuguru is a very boring place if all you wanna do is watch T.v and sleep. If you have a restless adventurer in you, set out on your bike and look around. Lots of interesting places to see. Nature is the best teacher.

Some pics below

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