May 11, 2009

A ring, a ring o' roses


I wake up early,dress up and wait for Dad's call. He's here to check out a flat on sale near
Langar House. We eventually start at around 11:30,the sun at it's hottest. I wear a
winter cap to shield myself from the extreme heat. My nostrils cringe due to the hot air.We're almost there when I notice something queer. I am red all over. I pull up my sleeves and notice red spots on my arms. ditto stomach. I don't panic. It's happened to me before.
We check out the flat, review the accessibilty etc etc. I tell my Dad about the rashes lest he have some other plans. We start our journey back and I stop by a couple of pharmacies for an Avil 50mg with no luck.
We reach home in time for lunch. I decide to go consult the doc first. I goto premier expecting a coupla anti-allergic drugs but get something unexpected. The doctor advises admission. He suspects some viral infection and writes a slew of blood tests and in half an hour, I am lying on a bed with a half litre bottle of dextrose plugged into my system with an awfully painful long needle.


A full 24hrs later which were arguably the most boring, they discharge me with no clear diagnosis. Only some drugs and advise a full coagulation test or something at NIMs.I return home,take a nice shower and hit the sack. Wake up to bid Dad goodbye who is returning to manuguru after a wasted trip(courtesy me).


So, it's 12:36 A.M. 9hrs for my last exam. I've decided to give it a skip. I will try to do well next time. S&*^ happens(but too much in my case,though).

Dad reading a newspaper

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